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Posted: 11/22/2011 1:15:27 PM EDT
Seen a few videos of him on youtube attacking gun rights. I'm sure he went through a rough ordeal but that smug "I know what's good for you" liberal attitude just makes me want to punch him in the throat!
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Posted: 11/22/2011 1:24:01 PM EDT
I applaud him for standing up for what he believes in. The Brady Campaign sunk their teeth in him before he was out
of his hospital bed. I saw him speak at the Campus Carry Symposium in DC (VIDEO Not Live) and his comments made me
sick. He wants to Lock the Doors on College Campuses and Provide a Second means of egress. While these are not BAD ideas
he won't answer the question posed to him. Those who died, do you think knowing what was going to happen, would they have
wanted the ability to Defend Themselves? He won't answer the question, just start with the Party Line. Guns Are Bad.

Wish there was someone who came away from a shooting with a different point of view. Oh yeah there was one.

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Posted: 11/22/2011 1:31:01 PM EDT
He does not speak for all the VT shooting victims/families like he claims. He represents the Brady Campaign (he's a paid employee), nothing more.