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Posted: 3/30/2010 6:12:40 PM EDT

Rossville Police: Homeowner Shoots Suspect During Home Invasion

Submitted by Nordia Epps on March 29, 2010 - 8:24pm.
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Rossville Police investigate a home invasion shooting.

Police tells us the homeowner shot one suspect.

A second suspect remains on the loose while another is behind bars.

And neighbors say it's the latest break-in to hit their community.

Sid Adams, Rossville Public Safety Director, "We don't know why they chose this house in particular."

Three suspects might wish they hadn't chosen this house in particular.

They apparently didn't count on the homeowner and his revolver.

Adams, "Our officers responded to a call that came in as a home invasion. When they arrived on the scene they found the homeowner who had discharged a firearm at one of the suspects striking him."

A witness tells WDEF News 12 that man was shot three times.

Adams, "The other suspect fled on foot which they arrested him a short time later."

Police caught up with him nearby off Waheela Drive.

Larry Rose, Neighborhood Watch, "I'm surprised that it happened so close to my house of course, but I'm not surprised because we've had several incidents the last few weeks."

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Larry Rose recalls someone kicked in the door a couple of blocks away. Right next door, someone broke into a vehicle one night; while another night, neighbors spotted a couple of prowlers behind the house.

Rose, "We've had such a peaceful community over the years, and I've been up here like 45 years now. It just seems like it's changing."

He's urging neighbors to be vigilant.

Rose, "I just want people to help take care of their neighbor. That's the whole purpose, and watch and see if they see something suspicious... go ahead and say there's something out there. It doesn't hurt to get the police man up there to look. Better to do that than let it go."

Police say a third suspect fled in a car.

We've not been able to confirm the condition of the suspect who was shot.

The men face multiple charges.


The one they caught was in one friends' back yard. My friend called me today while out gun shopping!

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