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Posted: 7/2/2012 11:29:03 AM EDT
So far my wife and I have struck out when it comes to buying scallpos that don't taste like metal or medicine. I remember a chef saying something about a chemical being added but forget what it does to the cooked scallop. Wife suggests putting them in milk first but I know that is done for live shrimp to clean them out but not sure on the scallpos. We buy diver scallops so they are not the little things that are going to waste!
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Posted: 7/2/2012 11:40:15 AM EDT
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There is a difference between 'DeepSea Scallops' and 'Bay Scallops', a lot of the latter being punched out skate. Real bay scallops aren't much better IMHO.

Wild deep sea scallops are usually about 1 to 2 oz each (but can get up to 4 oz) and should have the eyes attached. They are generally harvested from the north atlantic and are better than the Japanese or Chinese 'cultivated' scallops.

Try to find 'Dry Wild North Atantic Sea Scallops' as they are the best there is....but expect to pay a premium price. The chemical you refered to is

Sodium tri-poly phosphate. 'Dry' scallops don't have this treatment.

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Posted: 7/2/2012 11:54:27 AM EDT
I buy wild caught scallops at Sams club for $12.50 a pound and they never taste off.
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Posted: 7/2/2012 11:58:51 AM EDT
come to New Zealand, in scallop season you just tow a dredge behind your boat and take them home! never had any that tasted of chemicals?
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Posted: 7/3/2012 6:40:22 AM EDT
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Posted: 7/3/2012 7:40:20 AM EDT
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America's test kitchen covered this in an episode not too long ago. Let me go by memory here...

As other have said: Sodium Trypolyphosphate is added to most scallops to help them retain moisture and it does make for an "off" taste. The bad news: There's nothing you can really do to pull the STP back out. The way they said to test it is to dry the scallop thoroughly, put it on a paper towel, and microwave it ever so briefly. If the paper towel is wet, you have a treated scallop.

ATK's solution was to marinade the scallops in water and lemon juice. It doesn't pull out the STP, but goes a long way to mask the flavor.

[ETA] I actually found their writeup and could have save my typing above:

We strongly recommend purchasing "dry” scallops (those without chemical additives). If you can only find "wet” scallops, soak them in a solution of 1 quart cold water, 1/4 cup lemon juice, and 2 tablespoons table salt for 30 minutes before proceeding with step 1. In step 2, season the scallops with pepper only. If you are unsure whether your scallops are wet or dry, conduct this quick test: Place 1 scallop on a paper towel-lined, microwave-safe plate and microwave on high power for 15 seconds. If the scallop is "dry,” it will exude very little water. If it is "wet,” there will be a sizable ring of moisture on the paper towel. (The microwaved scallop can be cooked as is.)

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Posted: 7/3/2012 5:48:25 PM EDT
I'm so glad scallop seaosn just started down here.

To those of you who "poo poo" bay scallops, come over to the Eastern FL Panhandle and get soem yourself and then post a review.

We like to just shuck, add a little squeeze of fresh lemon, and eat on the boat. FWC never checks your belly when looking to see if you went over the limit.
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Posted: 7/5/2012 11:09:24 AM EDT
How are these compared to sushi grade scallops?