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DM Premium Optics 3x Magnifier
Thursday, March 24, 2009
by Edward Avila

DM Premium Optics 3x and 4x Magnifier with adjustable solid mounting system is a perfect entry level system for both the tactical and recreational shooter looking for a medium to long range sighting system to interface with holographic or red dot sights. The flip to side mounts offer fast transition to close quarters targets with the ability to switch between these two options with ease.



The DM Premium Optics Magnifiers are constructed with a body made from light 6061 alloy and feature a black hard anodized finish, Swiss glass with 20 coatings per lens, dry notrogen filled, and with a long eye relief.

  • Long eye-relief (2.16")
  • Good light transmission (~82-85%)
  • Lightweight (5.3oz)
  • Water"proof" to 3.3 feet
  • Nitrogen filled / anti fog

Reviewed unit seemed very light in weight, and very clean and bright. I did not have a chance to mount this on my rifle because I found the included mount less than desirable.

The unit I looked at came with a fixed mount that the manufacturer claims allows them to keep costs down to 1/2 of that of competitor units. The goal is to provide a quality magnifier at the lowest possible cost, but I did not like the provided mount at all. It claims to allow for windage adjustment on the base as well as height adjustment, but it does this via a less than desirable method. Unless this is purely for a recreational rifle, I would much prefer to see this mounted using their flip mount, or some other existing removable, tilting, or flip-capable mounting platform. Since this is a standard 30mm tube, there are plenty of options available.


Though it seemed well built and packaged, the DM Optics 3x Magnifier did not get put through any rigorous testing because of the included mount. While it does offer a low cost option for those looking to extend the range of their red-dot equipped carbines, I would definitely recommend mounting it with some sort of removable or flip mount, particularly on any rifle meant for defensive purposes. Otherwise, the advantages of a 1x red-dot sight are lost when converted to a fixed and less than ideal 3x scope.


3x Magnifier / Solid Mount
3x Magnifier / Flip Mount
4x Magnifier / Solid Mount
4x Magnifier / Flip Mount

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