Olympic Arms' Lower Receiver 

Olympic Arms' lower receivers are perhaps the most popular stripped receivers sold. Their low price (usually under $100) combined with their good quality have made these popular with kit builders looking to put together an AR-15 and keep their costs down.

The finish on this Olympic Arms lower is not the common very smooth finish found on lowers from other manufacturers. Instead, it is a more matte surface which provides a less reflective and darker black appearance.

The front the receivers reviewed were relatively clean, but unfinished "seam" that runs vertically up the center was visible under the finish; smooth and even, but visible.

The inside of the Olympic post-ban lowers features an un-milled section of the right wall to prevent the installation of an auto sear. Only about 1/8" is left un-milled. In addition, one of the raised "ovals" around the selector is unfinished to prevent the selector from rotating to the automatic position if installed. Neither of these should give anyone a problem, but they are vendor-specific variations from the "official" specifications.

The left side of the receiver features the serial number and manufacturer markings. All markings are smooth and even. The selector area is marked SAFE and FIRE.

The right side of the receiver is not marked. This lower features all of the latest improvements including the reinforced buffer-tube area and the magazine release fence.

These receivers came wrapped in paper, and free from any dings or scratches to the finish. Quality, matched with perhaps the lowest lower receiver prices around make the Olympic Arms lowers popular for those putting together their own kits.

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WebSite: www.olyarms.com
Email: info@olyarms.com
Phone: 1-800-228-3471
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Price: $CALL
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