3: Reloading Tools & Equipment
Last Updated :: 12/31/2012 11:59:48 PM EDT
Reloading Tools & Equipment contains lightly edited contributions by our members, including their opinions, biases, and first hand experience with the equipment they use in order to provide everyone that reads these pages the best range of information possible.

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Lists of Equipment Required for Reloading- Bare Bones and Recommended :

Made My First Rounds! Beginner Info & Shopping List for N00bs :

Make Your Own Loading Blocks :

Simple Powered Case Trimming and Deburring:

The AR15.com Reloading Forum's Favorite Reloading Dies :

The Blue Equipment

Things You Need to Set Up a Dillon RL550B Press

How To Disassemble, Clean, and Reassemble a Dillon 550B Press

Information: Dillon 550/650 Platform Alignment Tool

Tuning the Dillon Powder Measure for Better Performance

Time to Eat Some Crow - A Review of Dillon's Rapid Trim 1200B and Super Swage 600

Primer Crimps - Before and After Swaging with the Dillon Super Swage

Hornady Red Equipment

The Hornady Lock N Load Press - Set Up

Lee Red Equipment

Setup and Use of the Lee Factory Crimp Die


Trimming with the Dillon Case Gage and the Lee Trimmer V 2.0:

Homebrewed Cheap Powered Primer Pocket Reaming Project:


From Ingot to Target: A Cast Bullet Guide for Handgunners http://www.lasc.us/Fryxell_Book_Contents.htm

I highly recommend this free on line book. Thank you Glen Fryxell. Also look at the articles he has written that are posted on this site.