Mattel M16s
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I am sure this has been brought up before but I gotta ask if it's true that Mattle toy company indeed made M16s during the Vietnam war. Or some parts. All info appreciated. BTW, I remember seeing a pic of Mattel lower...It could have been photoshopped...who knows. Thanks.

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Found a pic of one (a Mattel Marauder toy).

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there are pics of the rollmarks here in the upper, lower rollmarks thread that is tacked in ar discussions later moved to Rifles Uppers Lowers Barrels and More

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They DID make the Mattel M16 Marauder. I had one when I was four. John Wayne smashed a Marauder against a tree in "The Green Berets".

But no, Mattel never made any M16 components at all...UNLESS the handguards on a Marauder
can fit on the real thing...which I never investigated but rather doubt.

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I received this information from a couple Vietnam Vets.
That either saw one or was issued one. I might have been misinformed.
After I saw the posts after mine I found other people on another board that say they have seen them.

03-21-2002, 06:09 PM
Ok Boys,
I worked on them back then. The first AR STOCKS and forearms were made by Mattel. If you removed the butt plate, they did have "Made by Mattel" stamp on them. Just like Barbie.
Been there, done that. By Mid 70's they were rare to find.
Just like the adjustable buffers. Big no-no to increase the rate of fire. None of this 3 shot burst stuff like today. Single and Rock -N- Roll!
Oh yeah these early ones also had a 3 prong flash hider, that made a dang good beer “bottle opener. Cans didn't have tabs like today. You had to WORK for yer beer :-)”

“Dick Robinson
03-22-2002, 03:45 AM
The early model, your talking about, was the SP-1, and yes, the plastic parts, were made by Mattel.
Have a good one, Dick.”

It might be an urban legend. I had a couple of men that I know tell me they had seen them and took their word for it.

I read about the Mattel stock on the internet, but that does not mean a lot anyone can say anything.

I have not seen one for myself. Sorry if I misinformed anyone.
I thought the Mattel M16 stock was a done deal. I will look into it further.

God bless,

The first production AR-15's had brown fiberglass furniture made by Fiberite of Worchester, MA. These were used on the first 13,000 or so rifles, and the majority painted green. The butt plate can not be removed, in that it is permanently attached (some had the ArmaLite logo on them):

Unlike the above information the Mattel story lacks any documentation, and no USGI Mattel M16 furniture sets can be found on God's green earth.

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I've even seen it (the Photoshopped Mattel lower)on completely unrelated lists and fora, and it is an absolute bitch to get people that don't know better to believe that it was a chop job.

It made it into Black Rifle II listed as a hoax fortunately. I keep thinking it's one of the names that I know who did the chopping.

ETA: Found it

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> > Anyone know who it was?

> IIRC, Kris Means.

You mean this one?

Guilty as charged! :^D

The original image of the receivers was posted to ARFcom by someone else,
but the retouching was really bad. I did the Photoshop clean-up and added
the Mattel logo. I also created another version to show that Mattel made
the very first M16, serial 001 -

In fact I posted them sequentially so it would be obvious to everybody that
they were fakes, but some people to this day swear that they were issued
Mattel M16s when they were "in country." My response is usually "what drugs
are you taking?" and "do you have any more?" :^P

Gary wrote:

> BTW, the Mattel M16 pic made it into Black Rifle 2 in the author's foreward
> comments.

Interesting... I haven't seen BR2 yet - was it *my* graphic in the book? I
wonder if I could sue? ;-> wrote:

> He's right. I've assembled many uppers and have never
> used, or needed, a torque wrench. Kris posted that he
> once assembled an AR upper in a motel room using only
> a pair of pliers and a screwdriver, the only tools he
> had at the time (thank God he didn't have any duct tape
> at the time). Then, I believe, he shot it on a
> full-auto lower and it held together just fine and
> never missed a beat.

rambo's right - I *did* rebarrel and reassemble a complete M16 in my room
at the the Sheperdsville Best Western using only a Swiss Army Knife and a
rusty pair of slip-joint pliers that I had found in the parking lot. Now
here's the funny part - you *shot* that gun, rambo! Remember the two of
us up on the line at Knob Creek and I handed you an M16 with a big yellow
Mickey Mouse sticker covering up the giant crack in the buttstock? That
was the rifle!!! :^D And as I remember, it ran just fine for you that day.

gregw45 wrote:

> If steel rat doesn't pan out, I'd bet money on him posting as
> homo_erectus. Exchanged an IM or two with him a while back about his
> no-torque-wrench-needed upper assembly posts. Personal info isn't in his
> profile anymore. IIRC of course.

Homo Erectus? Sounds like a queer fellow to me. :^P

-- Kris