Socandyman's $5.00 Trigger Guard Rivet Jig
Last Updated :: 12/27/2005 11:59:43 AM EDT
you will need

2 feet of 2X1 channel iron (usally about $2 a foot)
4 inchs 3/8x1 1/4 bar stock (under $1)
19/64 118deg bit
4 inch sidegrinder

start by setting a tg in your channel 4-5 from end and marking it with a pen (i sandblasted so you could see)

next center puch your marks

now drill with 19/64 bit just till the hole stops getting bigger

take your 4 inch piece of 1 1/4x3/8 bar and grind down both sides (to remove rounded edges)
to 1.16 and bevel the top edge in to clear your lower rails

a rivet jig for under 5 bucks

heres pics of it being used and the results