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AR15.Com Email FAQ

Email Account General Information
This information is in regards to the TEAM MEMBER email server. An AR15.Com email address is part of the Gold Contribution level and higher. See the Team Membership page for more information.

If you are using a mail client (ie: Outlook Express / Outlook / Eudora / etc...) to access your mail from your home computer, you may find that the WebMail system is quite convenient to use while travelling or at work. You can send and receive mail and when you return to your primary computer, all you mail can still be downloaded to your mail client. (all except for messages deleted in the WebMail interface....)

We have designed the mail system to provide maximum security, privacy, speed and reliability. All mail and passwords are encrypted on the server and all messages are scanned for potential virus content.

I am sure that most of you are very well aware that many employers monitor e-mail transmissions. You might find it very useful to utilize your mail account via the WebMail interface while at work. This gives you the advantage of:

  • NOT utilizing THEIR mail server(s), which can easily be configured for monitoring, for your personal and private communications.

  • If your employer is monitoring the web site(s) that you are visiting, you will not raise suspicion by visiting "hotmail" or other "free e-mail" sites.

  • If you are very concerned about their monitoring of your activity, you can even choose the "SSL / Secure" option on the WebMail login screen to encrypt your entire web session!

All mail (inbound and outbound) is scanned by our Declude Anti-Virus Gateway System. it should detect and intercept most virus/worm transmissions to prevent the spread of virus infected mail. We constantly upgrade and update this software in order to keep you safe.

All mail is scanned with SPAM filters to try to keep your mailbox free from as much junk mail as possible. We've recently upgraded this software and will continue to improve this.

Web Client:
You can make all your mail setting changes through the web client at which include the following:
- Password Change
- Web Settings
- Look and Feel

Password Change Options:
- The Web Client
- Your Profile (You can synchronize your mail server password with your website password in your profile by using the "Synch Passwords" button.)

PC Client Setup Information:
POP3 (inbound mail) Server:
SMTP (outbound mail) Server:

- User name and password are case sensitive.
- Your password must be 4-16 characters long.(alpha-numeric)
- For security, we require authentication for outbound (SMTP) mail. check "MY SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION" in your mail client under server settings.
- Please set the email check timer to be 10 minutes or more.

Notes About Mail Service:
- Maximum individual message size = 5mb
- Default mailbox size = 10mb
- Platinum mailbox size = 50mb
(If you need more space on the server contact RBAD or GoatBoy to see if something can be arranged.)
- SOME ISP's intentionally block port 25 (the port used for outbound mail in order to lock you into using their mail servers for outbound mail. simply use their server(s) for outbound mail and use the system for inbound. (ex: MSN / Earthlink - Mindspring / etc..)

Please contact RBAD or Goatboy if you have ANY questions or experience any problems !

Last Updated :: 6/20/2004 1:49:40 PM EDT