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User Profile

User Profile Settings:
One goal of the site is to allow you, the user, to set personal preferences specific to the site or forums presentation of data. The following items may all be changed by editing your profile.

  • Font Size may be adjusted to one of 3 settings. Default, Large, and Extra Large. This change will affect the forums only and not any of the site information.

  • Forum Date Filter will allow you to toggle the default number of days to view topics from. This can be set to as little as a 24 hour period, or as much as 30 days.

  • Allow Emails preference sets the ability for users to send you email through the website. Your email address will NEVER be displayed or given to the user.

  • Allow IM preference sets the ability for users to send you instant messages through the website. If you have any messages, the "IM Messages" button will change to yellow lettering.

  • Instant Messenger values allow you to set your external IM accounts for others to be able to contact you. These values will show up in a users information page.

The Auto login function of the site is now automatic and will be activated as soon as you log in. In order to disable it, you must log out after every visit. Take care to log yourself out from public use PCs in order to protect your account.

Last Updated :: 6/19/2004 8:13:07 PM EDT