Build Your Own AR-15 
Build Your Own AR-15

Build Your Own AR-15
Duncan Long, 1997

Format: Softcover
Pages: 98 pages
ISBN: 0-87947-180-8
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"


If you're building your own AR-15, this is the only book of its kind. It details each step required to assemble a complete rifle from a parts kit and a stripped lower receiver. In addition, it includes some background information, legal guidelines, and helpful assembly tips along the way. From the table of contents we see:

Table of Contents:

  • Assembling an AR-15
  • Legality of AR-15 Rifles
  • AR-15 Pistols
  • Post-ban Magazines
  • Don't Build a Machine Gun
  • Before You Start
  • Assembly Steps
  • Testing an Final Touches

The material provided is current and complete, although typos and "mis-facts" are also occasionally included. Despite this, the content is useful, easy to read, and filled with pointers for your assembly. There are plenty of illustrations to supplement the text and most of these are straight out of the TMs. In addition, there is a plentiful supply of warnings and guidelines for making sure you don't violate any laws when you put your parts together.

For anyone looking for a guide to put together an AR-15, this is the one to get. Though the steps are outlined in several of the military TM's, this book is much more "readable" and filled with advice. This is the only book you'd need to put your rifle together.

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