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 excesive recoil fix on a.270 wsm
lemanster  [Member]
10/15/2009 11:15:36 AM EDT
I shoot a custom remington model 7 in .270 wsm. remington says the wieght of the gun is around 7.5 lbs and that i have rebarreled with a krieger(same length as stock 21") as well as other custom work(triggers, lap the lug, bed and float barrel, cut and crown new krieger barrel and new shilen trigger. all of this set in already light wood stock that came with the gun. all work done by a gunsmith in stephenville texas. it shoots great in spite of me but it does kick after 10 or 15 shots.

anyway i have decided the thing kicks like a mule. my buddy says i can get a mercury recoil reducer to put in the rear of the stock i guess drilling in the back under the recoil pad. any thoughts on this and can it be done by myself or is there a science to it? also what brand mercury reducer? i seem to find c &h a lot doing google searches.

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Combat_Jack  [Team Member]
10/15/2009 6:12:58 PM EDT
You're going to need to put another one, or lead and epoxy in the forearms so it still balances properly.
Scottv  [Member]
11/20/2009 1:54:40 PM EDT
The options are add one or 2 mecury recoil reducers and/ or a muzzle break. the three of them together work well.
I tried putting 2 mecury capsules in the stock of a Benelli BE S90 and the gun would not function with 2. I removed 1 and it went to cycling just fine. If you do any prone shooting get a muzzle break that does not have holes on the bottom since they will kick up dirt and leaves.
Beachhead123  [Member]
3/4/2010 7:16:44 PM EDT
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