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 Level II precision rifle
MADUCE  [Member]
7/10/2007 11:28:36 AM EDT
Tiger Valley Five day Precision Rifle Class

Tiger Valley is offering a Five-day Level II Precision rifle class October 1-5 2007. This class will be TCLOSE accredited for 60 hours for Texas Peace Officers. Those interested should have a weapon capable of shooting 1 minute of angle and have Match turrets on the weapon. Tiger Valley has a 1000 yard 27 position KD range with pit service as well as a 1100 yard UKD range with steel targets. Space is limited in this class and attendance is on a first come first serve basis.

Topics to be covered are:

Shooting to 800 yards
Doping for the wind
Unknown distance shooting
Synchronized shooting
Low light shooting
Mil dot formula
Kims games
Observation drills
Angled shooting
Sectorization drills
Stalking and Hide building
Shooting under stress
Out of position shooting
Stop and Goes
Qualification courses

Cost is $199.00

Contact T.J. Pilling @ 972-977-9512 or

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