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 TACTICAL EMS training OCT 2010
Fernley  [Team Member]
8/25/2010 4:48:11 AM EDT
Tactical Medical Operators Course

October 18 - 22, 2010

The Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement Academy will present a Tactical Medical Operators Course. The course will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Law Enforcement Academy, Anniston, AL and will consist of five (10 - 12 hours) days of training. The five day Tactical Medical Operators Course will be conducted by Pathfinder Operations, LLC
This course will run in conjunction with an APOST Approved Basic SWAT Course. Students participating in the Tactical Medic Course will be integrated with the law enforcements officers participating in the Basic SWAT Course. Medics will provide support during the SWAT Course's scenarios to capture realistic situations and prepare the medic for integration into tactical teams.

Course Description:
This program addresses basic tactical concepts, movement, clearing techniques and other related topics to new tactical medical personnel. The Tactical Medic student will also receive training in the following specialty areas; Tactical Combat Casualty Care (T3C), Death in custody, Medical Threat Assessments, Extended Operations, Advanced Diagnostics, Sensory Deprivation Assessment Methodology, Medicine Across the Barricade, Officer Down/ Rescue and K9 Medicine. This program uses a combination of short PPT lectures combined with scenario based training to enhance skill development and the understanding of the tactical medical role. All scenarios were developed from real world events and instructed by staff that are and have been operators. All scenarios use non lethal training ammunition in the force on force situations.

The course starts off in classroom but moves outside quickly. We work on the basics to latter stages of operations. The course will include a live fire familiarization. Students are expected to be in good-physical condition prior to attending the course.


Students that do not demonstrate proper weapon handling skills, tactics and/or safety may be removed from the training. Live fire exercises are inherently dangerous. Safety violations will be dealt with harshly. We cannot afford to have unsafe personnel in the class. Students that do not perform to standard may receive a certificate of attendance instead of certification.

Each person attending this course is required to bring the following:

Mandatory Requirements:

* Wrap around Eye Protection/Ear Protection (bring lots of foam hearing protection).
* Body Armor/Tactical Vest and appropriate uniform
* Soft Hat (Baseball Style), patrol cap, or jungle hat
* Serviceable pistol with 3 magazines and Holster (Duty or Tactical)
* Ammunition for Duty Pistol: 100 Rounds
* Lots of Water: be prepared to hydrate
* Pen, pad and pencil
* Groin Protection (Small towel or athletic cup)
* Long sleeve T-shirt or light weight jacket
* Kevlar Helmet (if issued)
* Gas Masks (if issued)
* Gloves Elbow/Knee pads
* Optional equipment for Tactical Medic Students is whatever med kit/ bag you are issued or plan to use.

The passing requirement for the program is successfully completing all tasks and scenarios.

READ NOTE: Students that miss more than 2 hours for any reason will not receive a diploma. Once student begins class, no refunds will be given. This cost of this course is $400.00.

Registration Procedures
: Use the link provided from Pathfinder Operations. Go to the REGISTRATION page and fill in all required blocks. Pathfinder Operations, LLC must have your registration form two weeks prior to course date to guarantee your seat. Students will be required to travel to a variety of training locations during the course. This course requires a minimum of 6 students and has a maximum enrollment of 24. The course will not be held if less than 6 register. We must have your registration form and payment or Department PO 2 weeks prior to course date to guarantee your seat. This program is eligible for Pre-hospital CEU's depending on your State or Regional medical control standards. Please contact us directly at Pathfinder Operations to discuss this matter.

Visit the Pathfinder Operations COURSE REGISTRATION PAGE: If for some reason you are unable to attend the course and we are not informed of your cancellation by fax, e-mail, or letter, you will still be invoiced the full tuition fee. There will be no refunds for cancellations after the registration deadline.

For more information go to NE Alabama Law Enforcement Academy Go to the Advanced training area for course listing & descriptions. OR EMAIL us or call (256) 782-5318 at the academy or contact Edward Fernley at Pathfinder Operations at 877-424-1945 ext 701 OR Chris Roberts at 877-424-1945 ext 705
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