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 Advanced combat medic august 11th-15th
Phillip_McCotter  [Industry Partner]
7/11/2008 7:58:58 AM EDT
Tier 1 group will be teaching the advanced combat medic course
if you would like to attend this course please feel free to contact us at
(910) 577 0321


Tier-1 Advanced Combat Medic Course is designed at the medic level. The curriculum is based from the skills of USSOCOM Tactical Combat Casualty Care course (TCCC), the application of current medical treatments and equipment, lessons learned from recent and current conflicts, medical skills essential for today's combat medic IAW those taught at the Special Forces Medical Sergeant's Course , and is complimented with the inclusion of Combat Trauma Training (CTT).

A review of TCCC and the skills therein is the prelude to more advanced training in areas essential to the combat medic. More in-depth training is addressed for treatment and management of blast and burn patients, traumatic brain injury patients, pain management, advanced airway management, fluid therapy, suturing and wound care, musculoskeletal problems, regional/general anesthesia, dental emergencies, sports medicine, advanced parenteral techniques, field expedient techniques, amputation procedures, medical planning, mass casualty management and more.

Extensive hands-on is the key to mastering skills and our course and teaching techniques provides both. Application of certain skills is achieved through the partner method and is further enhanced with the inclusion of two iterations (two patients) of CTT. CTT provides the training that allows the student to perfect the skills, leave with the confidence necessary to manage any trauma patient and train others, and manage a mass casualty situation. At the conclusion of training, the student will have demonstrated mastery and understanding of all of the course content. A course completion certificate will be issued to acknowledge the TCCC training.

During the Advanced Combat Medic Course, Tier 1 Group instructors will present the following subjects:

Review of TCCC
Advanced Airway Management
Advanced Management of Tension Pneumothorax
Managing Mass Casualty
Nutrition and Supplements
IV/IO and Shock Management
Treatment and Management of Burns
Amputation Procedures
Examination and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Problems
Treatment and Management of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
Hemorrhage Control/Hemostatic Agents
Regional/General Anesthesia
Medical Planning
Dental Emergencies
Taping and Casting Techniques
Treatment and Management of Blast Injuries
Advanced Suturing Techniques
Field Expedient Techniques


Restricted to Law Enforcement, Military and Approved Participants.
Identification: 2 valid forms of state or Federal Picture Identification.
Level of Experience: This course is designed for the law enforcement officer / tactical operator with no prior medical training. Previous training in basic first-aid, CPR, AED, or “first responder” is useful, but not required.

Gear List: Call us for current gear list.
Course Length: 5 day course
Course Cost: $1900.00 per student.
Class Size: Limited to 12-30 Students
Lodging: Call for information.

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