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 High Power Rifle Weight
Oldfatguy  [Member]
5/1/2008 5:12:35 PM EDT
I am wanting to get started in shooting HP at the local range - if the old joints can get down into position and back up again.

Is there an "ideal" weight for a NM AR15? With the buttstock and forend lead weights aboard it is getting to be a chore to handle. Is there such a thing as having too much weight?

Thanks, OFG
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wrangler  [Team Member]
5/1/2008 5:53:16 PM EDT
Too much weight, you bet!

Personal thing. If you use the butt stock wedge, you can drill it full of holes to eliminate some weight. I use 7 1/2 lead shot. Add or remove as much as you want. Pack the open space with a rag etc.

On the forearm weights, if you use the M&D/Martin, just cut it back from the front and discard until you get the weight you are comfortable with.

I like to get my rifles to balance at the delta ring.

Good luck and remember, the NRA has new rules for "08 for those with disabilities or seniors shooters 60 years and older.

Dave McGrath
Shooterer  [Member]
5/2/2008 8:04:41 AM EDT
Most NM rifles come in at 9 1/2 lb from the factory. The USAMU guys are using about 13 lb rifle. (info is from USAMU DVD)

Like Dave I like a delta ring balance. I use a full wedge in back and 3/4 in front.( I like um' heavy)

Keep trying the "more & less" method until you find what feels right for you so you can stop thinking about the weight of your rifle and keep your full attention on the front sight.

Have fun

Oldfatguy  [Member]
5/2/2008 11:19:40 AM EDT
Thanks Dave & Jim for the replies.

Just getting used to shooting a RRA NM A4 9.7 lb. I ordered & installed both handguard 3.6 lb & buttstock 3.5 lb weights from RRA for a grand total of 16.8 lb.

Yup, a little on the heavy side. Looks like those things were ment to be trimmed.

With both untrimmed weights the balance is a little aft of the delta ring so it looks like I'll need to trim the buttstock weight first. I'll start at the front as it wedges into the cavity so it won't be sliding around.

Now, is it best to trim the front or back of the handguard weight first? I guess that depends on whether I want to balance or reduce weight more.
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wrangler  [Team Member]
5/2/2008 12:44:14 PM EDT
If you have the M&D / Martin, cut the front back. Save the piece or pieces for another time. The instructions with the Martin will tell you this and also tell you the weight per inch etc. You want your weight mostly back by the delta ring. The old cuff weights were out front. They are outdated since the forearm conforming M&D arrived on the scene.

Dave McGrath
Oldfatguy  [Member]
5/2/2008 1:03:50 PM EDT
Thanks for steering me to the M&D site. Those instructions help a whole lot with knowing what is going on.

The first thing I'll do is get it balanced before I start reducing the weight. Maybe a few more trips to the gym would help.

Valkyrie  [Team Member]
5/5/2008 10:07:54 AM EDT
I shoot a RRA NM upper on a BM lower with a JH tuned RRA triger. I added a Ray-Vin foreward weight and a buttstuck weight. She's heavy but no problem for me.
jc121  [Member]
5/5/2008 5:31:15 PM EDT
I know folks that have their rifle way over 20#'s and many others in the low teens.
My NTIT rifle is very heavy but my XTC rifle is in the upper teens.
I just prefer mine on the heavy side? Started my shooting back in the early 80's and shot the M1A for many years so I can give no reason for a heavy ar15 other than it feels good for me. LOL
Quintin  [Team Member]
5/6/2008 2:10:53 PM EDT
Rifle weight and balance is a very personal thing. You gotta experiment and run whatever works best for you. I run my rifles a little on the lighter side, and I like them to balance evenly at the mag well. No real reason why, they just feel "right" to me. With a sling, unloaded, they weigh about 12 lbs.
sgthoskins  [Team Member]
5/7/2008 4:47:39 AM EDT
I think the last time I checked mine it was 15lbs.
randyj13  [Member]
5/7/2008 4:24:26 PM EDT
I ahve 2 that are around 14.8 lbs
The 14 to 15 range seams to be popular
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