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 Interesting Video (EDIT: This Video Is already In General Discussion way bigger thread sorry)
koorva  [Member]
2/17/2010 4:27:07 PM EDT
New to this Part of Ar15 sorry if im posting this in the wrong section. This is a video of a 67 year old man defending himself against a much younger punk. Lots of thing went wrong in this situation. Thought you guys might want to see it. Someone forwarded this to me, its on a hiphop website but still interesting video.

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darktide  [Team Member]
2/17/2010 4:39:35 PM EDT
hahahha he talked shit when that old man walked away.... but couldn't let it go, could he? =P
RafterMan  [Member]
2/17/2010 5:24:14 PM EDT
Kid was a dumb fuck, should have just minded hiis own business.
ARtraffic  [Team Member]
2/17/2010 6:04:50 PM EDT
dupe city
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koorva  [Member]
2/17/2010 7:11:19 PM EDT
PATRIOT-IA  [Member]
2/18/2010 6:37:34 AM EDT
Great video.
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