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 Where's the little girl?!
rx4spd  [Team Member]
2/16/2012 2:05:27 PM EDT
I thought this was particularly amusing considering the recent news coverage of a certain "event" in Austin...

Sorry that I don't know how to embed video, yet.
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pcsutton  [Team Member]
2/16/2012 4:11:02 PM EDT
That's a hilarious video. I keep a link to it on my phone to show some guys I know who are a lot like the 'citizen'.

Turtle bridges.....
usmc0331tamu00  [Team Member]
2/17/2012 5:21:52 AM EDT

Yet, strangely, I can see this becoming a reality if it hasn't happened already...
pepperbelly  [Team Member]
2/17/2012 7:42:55 AM EDT

I think it's frikkin hilarious.
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MateFrio  [Member]
2/17/2012 8:01:01 AM EDT
Same guy has a video called "Thanks Smokey" NSFW, and is quite creepy.

Be for warned it's a creepy mind trap:

Here's the real turtle bridges article\interview for those curious.
USMC_1983-89  [Team Member]
2/17/2012 8:28:27 AM EDT
I lol'd.
Skavatar  [Member]
2/17/2012 11:19:53 PM EDT
OMG, i lol'ed so hard
refidnasb1  [Member]
2/18/2012 6:29:26 AM EDT
This is the REAL version of that, in Austin

coconut1  [Team Member]
2/18/2012 6:39:32 AM EDT
Originally Posted By refidnasb1:
This is the REAL version of that, in Austin


and here's what really happened
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