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 Vancouver knife laws?
rob944s2  [Team Member]
4/12/2010 4:59:36 PM EDT
I'll be heading to Vancouver for a few days and since I can't have my CCW I was planning on bringing a Benchmade mini Griptilan and possibly my Surefire E2D. The knife is a folder with a 2.9 inch blade, and the Surefire is, well, a flashlight, but it's scary looking and has a scalloped bezel for breaking skulls glass.

Am I good to go for walking around Vancouver?
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tappen  [Member]
4/12/2010 5:24:08 PM EDT
you cant carry knives for self defence but you can for 'work"
rob944s2  [Team Member]
4/12/2010 5:50:46 PM EDT
I thought that I read somewhere that pocket knives are generally acceptable. Of course, I would only be carrying the knife for convenience and utility, not for work though, and certainly not for self defense seeing as how I'll be in Canada.

Would it be smarter just to carry the surefire?
v65magnafan  [Member]
4/13/2010 4:25:15 AM EDT
I carry a Surefire Backup and an Endura 4 everywhere. If I'm out at night, I also carry a Fenix TK21.

Actually, carrying a knife for cigar tips, fruit, opening packages––"work" as an earlier poster said, is legal. The law is framed around "intent" not the act.

Also, LEO's may make a snap judgement based on your appearance. I look like a perfectly "normal" suburban guy in his forties or fifties. My car is invisible to the police (so far) I am never stopped by LEO's.

However, if you look like a scruffy guy in his twenties, not only does this increase your chances of being stopped, but some Canadian coppers will confiscate your knife "for your own good".

Now, when I cross the border (which I do frequently), I do not have my knife concealed. I put it on the seat next to me. Or maybe in the trunk. No point spending time at the border on a concealed weapons charge. Border guards do not fool around.

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Striker  [Site Staff]
4/14/2010 8:23:55 AM EDT
I never leave the house without my CRKT M16-12Z and my Leatherman Sideclip. I have a Gerber folder in the console of my truck.
I usually find a use for one or the other every day it seems.
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