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 Knife laws?
Miracle_Pants  [Team Member]
12/3/2008 5:12:26 PM
I will be doing some work in Alberta near Edmonton (oil related). I usually like to carry a fixed blade knife with about a 5 inch blade when working, is this doable legally? And if not what sort of knife if any can I carry?

nosce_te_ipsum  [Member]
12/3/2008 10:37:54 PM
Knife laws in Canada seem to be intentionally ambiguous. I know of no law on knife sizes, just specifically some prohibited types of knifes (switch blades, balisongs, push daggers, etc). There is also provisions, from what I understand, about no concealed weapons.

The nature of law seems to focus more on intent, what was the purpose of the knife you are carrying. If they can prove, or at least think the intent is illegal, you could be charged. General rule of thumb when asked about folders is to answer "it is a utility knife for work". If you are working in the oil field, I doubt a fixed blade would raise an eyebrow.

Another aspect is will someone feel threatened by your knife. If you walk into a mall with a fixed blade in the summer, clearly visable, then you may run into issues.
Striker  [Site Staff]
12/5/2008 8:34:17 PM
If you are there during hunting won't even be a blip on the radar..
Miracle_Pants  [Team Member]
12/8/2008 9:18:39 PM
Thanks guys.
Striker  [Site Staff]
12/8/2008 9:26:52 PM
Originally Posted By Miracle_Pants:
Thanks guys.

If you get arrested..this conversation never happened! lol