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 Good AR-15 supplies shop in Canada
Kaapo  [Member]
11/19/2008 8:52:27 AM EDT
Hi,what is the inclusives ar-15 supplies shop in Canada and shipping internationally?
Brownells cant send gun parts anymore in Finland,they dont even send me front sight spring
US state department reguiring all manufactures to register with them to their merchandise shipping internationally!
I think best and easiest way is buy parts in Canada.

ThankĀ“s Kaapo
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jeepingpw  [Member]
11/21/2008 7:28:40 PM EDT
Check out Dlask in Delta , B.C. , Canada
They make their own Ar15s
nosce_te_ipsum  [Member]
11/22/2008 4:33:05 AM EDT
Most Canadian parts suppliers are getting their parts from the US, so we are running into similar issues. You may want to check out a company called They have been innovative in sourcing parts from all over. Not sure what their policay on international shipping is however.
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