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 Mayor pushes to make handguns illegal in Toronto.
ceadmin  [Team Member]
6/17/2008 4:11:50 PM EDT
Didn't see this posted. Thought you should know:
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TheCanuck  [Team Member]
6/17/2008 5:01:28 PM EDT
Miller is a fucking moron. He's an american too. I don't think he's legally entitled to old an office such as the mayor's office.
FliesNest  [Member]
6/17/2008 5:23:33 PM EDT
I agree the guys a fucking clown, all he needs is a red nose and a small bike... no; wait............... sorry all he needs is a small bike
Tourist  [Member]
7/18/2008 8:51:02 AM EDT
Yes but dim planks can be dangerous.

Look at what the 'king politicians did over here to stop gun we do not have any guns worth having. What's more the Home Secretary, responsible for UK law and order, at the time admitted privately that they were banning them to keep the vote of the anti-gun lobby.

You need to make sure soemthing is in place to make this guy look stoopid, get some photo's or something, I'm serious.

If you examine out firearms legislation in the UK carefully you will see how the restrictions now placed on ownership of airsoft toys is approaching the licensing that used to be in place for firearms.

Mt message to you is, do not leave your fight till you have to hand them in.
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TheCanuck  [Team Member]
7/18/2008 1:41:06 PM EDT
Holy thread resurection batman. BTE, the twatwaffle Miller banned gun stores and gun clubs from the city limits
Tourist  [Member]
7/18/2008 2:40:26 PM EDT
take the mong to court and cite national legislation as enacted by Parliament. As I understand it parliamentary legislation overides self important pompous local politicians.
TheCanuck  [Team Member]
7/18/2008 5:21:05 PM EDT
Except it's a zoning bylaw wich is municipal law.
Tourist  [Member]
7/21/2008 6:45:17 AM EDT
So has he closed down pre-existing clubs and businesses or just stopped the establishing of new ventures?

Surely if he closes existing shops and clubs they can demand compensation for loss of business, having to move etc, etc?

he is also restricting a lawful activity as enacted by Parliament.

Bottom line I think the dipstick is raising his profile to run for higher office and guns are always an easy target. Get a 'citizens task force' onto the guy, everyone has dirt in the cupboard that they do not want in public and most often it does not take too long to find it.........maybe he smoked recreational mexican tobaco at college or, maybe he like some wierd type of non-permeable clothing........dig and ye shall find.
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