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 Websites for Ontario real estate for sale?
booger-hooker  [Team Member]
9/1/2006 4:18:00 PM EST
I've owned land in Ontario before and know of but are there anymore websites that you know of that have rural acreages? Thanks!
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Striker  [Site Staff]
9/2/2006 2:12:32 AM EST
booger-hooker..most real estate agencies up here list their property as mls. Multi listing something or you should find a good selection listed on the above site.
Royal LePage
booger-hooker  [Team Member]
9/13/2006 1:57:04 PM EST
Thanks for the links. Most of the websites I deal with have bare property they own and are larger acreages in size but will keep checking for a good deal with your links just in case I get lucky.