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 AR's going prohib?
G22  [Team Member]
8/17/2005 11:22:26 PM
With prohib long arms now not allowed to be taken to the range, and now that Colt AR's (ie. LE6920) seem to be no longer allowed/exportable to Canada... how long do you think until all AR's go prohib??
sooguy  [Member]
8/18/2005 6:53:36 AM
hopefully never,but i'm sure it will happen
G22  [Team Member]
8/18/2005 9:31:14 PM
I wonder what the value of the LE6920 is now here in Canada
R6551GNR  [Member]
8/18/2005 9:59:00 PM
G22  [Team Member]
8/20/2005 9:06:58 PM
Thx. Some interesting info there.

I am wondering if I should sell my 6920 or not. In the 3 years that I have owned it, it has been to the range 2 times, and prob less than 200 rds through it. With bills to pay, just don't know. It is hard to give up something so pretty, but if there is the possibility of a confiscation (w/o compensation perhaps?), is it even worth to keep? On the other hand, I have Red Dawn type dreams, and a SHTF AR would be most useful.