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 Gunnutz Forum????
crazycanuk  [Member]
3/30/2004 5:16:47 PM EST
what the f*ck is up with the gunnutz forum, will we ever see it again? Maybe I should spend the cash and get a membership here.
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m0nkyman  [Member]
4/3/2004 8:19:45 AM EST
They were having problems at night, but it's been up during the day for over a week. It is at this moment being moved to a new server that won't have these overnight outages.

Hopefully the problems will be over, and we'll be back to having a nice stable place to hang out again.
crazycanuk  [Member]
4/4/2004 5:28:28 AM EST
what is the website address, I tried the and it doesn't work
Evildoer  [Member]
4/4/2004 11:09:51 AM EST
This is the URL for Canadiangunnutz: