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 Comin thru this summer!
captainpooby  [Team Member]
4/25/2003 10:34:16 AM
Planning a trip to North Bay this summer via TO.
Prolly August. Anything going on I might want to check out?
I may fly straight up to the Bay but might be in Toronto for a day or two.
SAR's anyone?
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Striker  [Site Staff]
4/27/2003 12:35:29 PM
Check out the GunNutz site CP. There are quite a few shooters in the TO area who post there. Going shopping for an AR for your dad while your here?
captainpooby  [Team Member]
4/27/2003 3:55:51 PM
Can you still buy a gun in Canada? Could I? And then where would I?
Striker  [Site Staff]
5/1/2003 6:03:39 PM
If your father has his can pay for it but he has to register it. AR's are restricted. He can only take it to a range. Of course Northern Ontario is a world of it's own.....