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 Home made supressor!!!!UPDATE!! Build photos!!
METALMAN  [Member]
8/3/2010 10:41:55 PM
Hey all!!! What do you think?

Man she's quiet!!!
For those of you who don't know me, I am an artist and metalworker of 25 years. I work in steel processing plant running plasma cutters, flat and tube lasers, brakes, and am an accomplished welder in TIG/MIG/ARC and oxy/fuel. I have my strengths.
I had an epiphany one day.
I was running a COF when a competitor arrived with an AR10 and AR that he was swapping a AAC can back and forth from. I was always under the impression that the diameter of the can's hole diverted the gasses because it was so tight and the gas's only alternative was to be diverted to the nearest lower pressure area. But this didnt make sense when a 223 and a 308 both were SUPER quiet using the same can. I had always been discouraged to build a can due to all the high tolerances that I felt I couldn't maintain with my low tech garage shop. The diameter of the hole changed everything for me.... I really started thinking more about fluid dynamics, than design of a 'thing'. How could I disrupt, divert, and peel away the gasses behind the bullet. I arrived at a square can, because fluid hitting 90degree angles seemed the most likely method of ripping the gasses from the back of the slug. What you see below is how I arrived a happy participant in your group....a slightly red-necky one! But a participant none-the-less: Here are the parts involved. -2x2x16ga mild steel tube -an UZI barrel nut $12 -7ga laser cut baffle flats -end cap and UZI nut flange Here is a flat baffle This is the press I built I will be bending the flats in Here is the baffle in my home made die, pre-bend During the bend And the bent baffle If you noticed in the flat, I made the hole in an elipse. It's .443" in its smallest diameter. When the elipse is bent it forms a .443" round hole, as seen below (the shadow gives the hole a weird square look. Chalk it up to a bad camera....sorry): Below you see the UZI barrel nut and flange: Here I am indexing the flange to the nut to the UZI. So that the can will square up to the sexy squareness of the UZI!!!! You might notice the serial number on the 'inside' of the can. I stamped it a moron. So I just stamped it correctly on the other side and figured no one would see 'this', but you did, so .....durn it.... :) Pre-pressed: Post press. Barrel nut side Welding of the barrel nut to the flange Welded The next step I took was stacking and aligning the baffles. Sorry about the blurry pix. This whole post was shot on my phone. I had a threaded rod that I stacked all the baffles on. Here are the baffles staggered and stacked Heres a side view of the stack I made a square fixture that the stack rested in, and was compressed by the threaded rod. The baffle you see at the end of the stack was just used to square the whole assembly. Then i hot tacked all the unions and waited for the assembly to cool so alignment wouldn't change Front view of stack after cooling. I cleaned all BB's up and chased back the hot tacks flush with the stack. I burned HEAVY, so the stack is pretty frickin solid on its own After chasing the welds on the baffle stack, I measures all the unions I would be welding. I then drilled the tube with these locations I then inserted the stack Here you can see the unions I will be welding through the plug holes All plug holes welded! Chased back all the external welds and D.A.'ed! Here is the END of the can So up until now it's all been gravy. Now I am going to weld the finished can together to the UZI. I made a cutout carboard sheild that would cover the gun during the process What I did was weld a small shelf to my vise that the UZI rested on.I wrapped the cardboard over the barrel nut, and cradled the can in the vise. I got an 11/32" piece of drill stock that I inserted into the UZI's barrel that I used during this whole alignment process. Once I aligned the bore, to the baffles I welded everything together, starting with the nut flange at the bottom. Here you can see the drill stock in the receiver And through the assembly Once that was hard tacked into place I added the end cap. All the adjustments Were made while the assembly was attached to the UZI. Welded end cap Barrel nut end chased Exit hole chased and D.A.ed Finished barrel nut end! And there you have it. Be gentle.... :)

KBONSS  [Member]
8/4/2010 2:05:35 AM
Welcome to the club of suppressors it's a addiction.
Looking good the next time you have a open shoot drop me a email or give me a call and ill come over i like to check it out.
KBONSS  [Member]
8/4/2010 4:45:55 AM
i am curious do you get any POI point of impact shift with your new suppressor?
METALMAN  [Member]
8/4/2010 5:17:23 AM
No sir. If there is its negligable/unnoticeable
kchustle  [Member]
8/4/2010 9:58:38 AM
what are the legalities of building your own? Do you have to jump through the same hoops?
spectre556  [Team Member]
8/4/2010 11:02:02 AM

Originally Posted By kchustle:
what are the legalities of building your own? Do you have to jump through the same hoops?

Same process as making your own SBR, form 1 and $200 tax stamp.
METALMAN  [Member]
8/4/2010 7:53:28 PM
Originally Posted By spectre556:

Originally Posted By kchustle:
what are the legalities of building your own? Do you have to jump through the same hoops?

Same process as making your own SBR, form 1 and $200 tax stamp.

Yup! I got my form 1 approved, and built it the day I got it in the mail!! The hoops are more like speed bumps. If your local law isn't averse to it, it goes really smooth. I had Kenneth McGovern ( Sheriff of Douglas County,KS [Lawrence]) sign off on three of my Form 1's. Super fast and no issues with the department. After all was said, I paid $12 for the UZI barrel nut, and $200 for the Form 1, making the grand total for this supressor $212!!!!

Theodore  [Member]
8/8/2010 10:01:16 AM
Very nice result! That thing is QUIET!
jaholder1971  [Team Member]
8/15/2010 7:02:26 PM
I'm as impressed with the homemade suppressor as I am seeing a CLEO in the People's Republik of Douglas County sign off on one. Nicely done, Sir!

I gotta admit though: That thing looks HEAVY.
VRMN8R  [Team Member]
8/15/2010 9:29:49 PM
whs78  [Member]
8/31/2010 11:02:45 PM
looks good,