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 Seattle sucks..
FreezinSig  [Member]
1/19/2012 7:21:40 PM EDT
Second day in a row that Sea-Tac has shit the bed with weather... Flew on a flight today from Palm Sprins to Seattle, it stops in San Francsico to load up as well and we ended up just sitting there for 5 hours. They ended up flying us back to Palm Springs. My boss has had to reserve 3 different flights to go to Juneau literaly hours after I get home to Fairbanks and so far the soonest flight we can get is saturday to FAI.. hopefully its cleared up by then.

Sucks when your traveling with a dog through all this BS too..

And to think my new (to me) Springfield XD and 2 huge boxes from MidwayUSA are just sitting there collecting dust...

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