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 Anyone out in Bethel know Buddha089?
NorthPolar  [Team Member]
12/28/2011 7:26:11 PM EDT
I need him to check his PM's. Need his address to send him my side of our trade. (The wife used the box he sent without checking with me)
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akcaribouhunter  [Team Member]
12/28/2011 11:54:46 PM EDT
No idea who he is.

To many people out here.
NorthPolar  [Team Member]
12/29/2011 1:10:22 AM EDT
que the *not sure if serious jpg*

All I know is his name is andre and lives in bethel. Mods and I have both PM'd him trying to get his address, but no reply.
The_Emu  [Member]
12/29/2011 1:59:50 AM EDT
There are 3 Arfcommers in Bethel? Really? I've never heard the screen name before. Its possible we have met and didn't know he was on the site too. Can you share his real name?

If there are 6000 people in Bethel and 3 site members that makes .0005%. I wonder if that is a record.

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uafgrad  [Moderator]
12/29/2011 8:55:19 AM EDT
Isn't BearGuide in Bethel as well
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