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 Misplaced Wallet w/CPL = Livonia PD ASSHOLES
clikclikpull  [Member]
6/4/2007 9:21:56 PM EDT
On Friday 06/01 I discovered my wallet was either lost or possibly stolen. In the wallet was several forms of ID, a small amount of cash, 3 CC's, and my Michigan CPL card.

After waiting for it to turn up - with no luck - I decided this morning to call Wayne County to find out how to replace my CPL card and was told the following steps must be followed in order to get the new card...

1) MAKE A POLICE REPORT to the local PD where you lost or where stole from.
2) Bring the report + Bring a photo + $10 down to the "2 Woodward, Coleman A. Young Building"

New ID will be issued on the spot if those steps followed

So I head to the One Hour Photo, then while I wait I go to the Livonia Police Dept. to make the report. I explain to the officer at the patrol desk what I need to report and the CPL situation - only to be told "we don't take reports for lost items since there is no crime" and then the officer refers me to the "records" desk 20 feet away for instructions. The SGT. at the records desk marches me back to the patrol desk and tells the officer to give me a "dispatch number" and that's all they will do. No problem.

I head down to the Wayne County Clerk's office with the photo, and "Dispatch Number" only to be told "Sir, you are required by law to report the lost CPL in order for us to replace it". I explain to the Clerk that Livonia will not take the report and ask her to call Livonia and ask. She agree's and makes the call. Livonia tells her that I must not have told them there was a lost CPL involved and "send him back to make the report". Fucking lazy lie'n assholes.

So I start back toward Livonia and call Livonia PD to make sure they will take the report. The officer on the phone tells me "We can't take a report for a lost item" and "since we just crossed into second shift we don't know about this call from Wa. Co. clerk. I hung up. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!

Any advice?

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Section1_Operations  [Member]
6/4/2007 10:26:39 PM EDT
Novi didn't have a problem getting this done when I went through this back in '04.

My wallet was stolen out of a locker at the gym. I notified the gym manager the day it happened and I had to fill out a report for them. Then I left the gym and went to the Novi police station where they took a police report.

Basically, the police report listed it as a larceny and detailed the items within the wallet. I had to wait a day before they processed the report at the station before I could pick it up, excuse me I mean purchase a copy to take to the Wayne county clerk.

Detective followed up the following day and basically said it would be closed out as unsolved as they had a known problem with theft there, and as of yet they were without any viable suspects. We then b.s. a few minutes about firearms and the police...

When I went to the Clerk downtown they attempted to keep and then charge me for my copy of the police report since they needed it for their records. I firmly told them that they’d need to make a copy and then give me back the police report that I paid for, for my records, since their records are their own cost not mine.

Given your first attempt it sounds to me that you need to report the wallet as stolen instead of lost to get the Livonia police to make a report. If they give you trouble on that issue simply say that if it was misplaced then an honest person would have simply mailed it back to you once it was found.

Either way the whole replacement of a wallets content is a royal pain...
Campusninja  [Member]
6/4/2007 11:17:59 PM EDT

Any advice?

Don't lose your wallet in Livonia again!

Sorry to hear this is turning out to be a bat shit insane hassel for you.
cybersniper  [Member]
6/5/2007 7:26:37 AM EDT
Make the report in the City where you live. Just tell them your not sure where you lost it and tell them your are required to make a report since you lost your CPL.
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djgolus  [Member]
6/5/2007 5:31:54 PM EDT

This is a surprise to me. Cops are trained to be the BEST report writers out there! You can always count on them to write the report AFTER a crime happens.

SevenMaryThree  [Member]
6/6/2007 8:23:20 AM EDT
Make the report at a Sheriff's substation if possible.

Or, just tell the desk monkey that you'd like to report a larceny of personal posession, to wit a wallet said to contain a Concealed Pistol License. When you speak their language, their ears perk up and they "listen better."
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