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 is dollywood worth the money?
snowmonkey  [Team Member]
8/13/2009 5:01:20 PM EDT
there are about 15 of us thinking about visiting this area in the fall. room and board won't be an issue because my brother-n-law's family has a cabin nearby. what is there to do in the area? is dollywood worth the money? my mom is set on going so i guess we are all going.....
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rdl65  [Member]
8/13/2009 5:24:02 PM EDT
If you have never been it is. I cant see why some people buy season passes and keep going.
gotigers  [Member]
8/14/2009 3:51:58 AM EDT
i went early this summer. I was excited to see it. other than 2 fun roller coasters it NOT worth the money. Every place jacks up the prices of drinks and such, but dollywood is just plain greedy and there arent enough rides. I like roller coasters. I like six flags Atlanta. I can ride 8 coasters in one day there. I was completely bored at dollywood. My kids, girls 14 & 9, were very bored and dont want to go back, waste of time.

yeah, it is worth a season pass, but not daily admission.
ddrongowski  [Team Member]
8/14/2009 7:05:47 AM EDT
We went again this year (date was 23JUL09 and the time we got there was 1600 hours. The familiy and I normally go once every year). But after doing everything in the park this year in 4 hours, we have decided to pass on it from now on. The cost is not worth it, as we saw it this time. It seemed to us that they have downsized a lot. There were a lot less crafts, exibits, and even the amount of food stands were less. All of the rides were open, but they really do not have that many of them. From a conversation with a worker there, they are experience financial issues and are acting accordingly. Again we did the entire park in 4 hours on a Thursday evening. But like someone else said, if you have never been you will enjoy it. Think of it as a "large" carnival fair.
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dwebber18  [Member]
8/14/2009 8:45:28 AM EDT
The carnival description is pretty accurate. The festival of nations thing is nice, and if you've never been then go you will have a good time. I went when I was younger and then when I moved to TN for school I went once, and its been probably 3-4 years since I've been and I'm not planning on going back. Being from central Florida I'm a little spoiled with theme parks though!
bladed45TN  [Member]
8/14/2009 10:25:20 AM EDT
I think it is... good wood and steel stuff...activities...wide selection of food. If you can afford it, go!
BigPhil  [Member]
8/14/2009 2:40:53 PM EDT
if you've been to King's island and ridden the coasters there, then you will be bored at Derlywood. Season pass holder myself and its good to go up there and ride some rides and hit the old splash country. If you time it right and the lines arent that long (20 min or less), then you can do it in less than a day. Old people like to go and watch the shows and stuff.

I think all the festivals and stuff they do are overrated. The festival of nations and harvest fest.

Tickets are high and they rape you on food and drinks but what park doesn't anymore.
cetme1  [Member]
8/14/2009 6:12:01 PM EDT
Its pretty cool to go during Christmas for the decorations.

The family goes about twice a year. Theres also a water park, but I've never been to it.
MXandSXracer21  [Member]
8/14/2009 6:12:56 PM EDT
Instead of going to dollywood, I would recommend going to either Six Flags Parks in either Atlanta or Louisville, KY. You get more bang for your buck, at the sacrifice of driving the extra distance.
snowmonkey  [Team Member]
8/15/2009 5:00:13 PM EDT
Originally Posted By MXandSXracer21:
Instead of going to dollywood, I would recommend going to either Six Flags Parks in either Atlanta or Louisville, KY. You get more bang for your buck, at the sacrifice of driving the extra distance.

i live an hour south of lville, so we could hit that one anytime. i've got no desire to go back to the atl. the family wants to go to dollywood and see the area, and we have access to a cabin for dirt cheap. there will be five young kids going. what else is there to do in the area?

Raven101  [Team Member]
8/16/2009 6:41:34 AM EDT
My family loves to go there every chance we get. We have been there dozens of times. Its a nice walk through the tress and the food is good also.
CWB_III  [Member]
8/17/2009 7:04:19 PM EDT
If you do decide to go be sure and look into the Q2Q line management system. Its like a pager that buzzes you when its time to ride. All you have to do is walk straight to the front of the line for rides and shows. It will allow you to see much more of the park by not having to stand in line.
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