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 Any Complete lowers back in stores?
CovertChannels  [Member]
1/11/2009 6:56:42 PM EDT
Anyone in the Northern Atlanta suburbs seen any good quality complete lowers coming back in stock at local stores? I am looking for STAG, RRA, CMMG, LMT, etc.

Standard or NM trigger is fine, and 6-pos stock is preferred. Non-heart attack inducing prices only. Looking at under $450, except for LMT with SOPMOD. Willing to pay more for that..

Feel free to email me if you see any.
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ikickhippies  [Team Member]
1/11/2009 7:00:56 PM EDT
Part of the problem is the lack of LPK's. I used to build all of our complete lowers to keep costs down. At one time we carried 6 different makes of complete lowers but due to the lpk shortage I can't even keep one on the shelf.

Hopefully lpk's will begin to roll again sometime soon.
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