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sonny27  [Member]
1/22/2010 6:42:10 PM EDT
2014 NRA annual meeting will be in Indianapolis, IN. The NRA rep at last weeks 1500 gun and knife show told me Wayne LaPierre will be in Indianapolis sometime in March to announce it with Gov. Daniels.
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TheCommissioner  [Team Member]
1/23/2010 2:25:33 AM EDT
Good news!

I've been wondering when Indy would ever show up on the NRA's radar.
dbd870  [Team Member]
1/23/2010 2:26:51 AM EDT
I'll have to attend that one.
efpeter  [Team Member]
1/23/2010 5:29:00 AM EDT
Dude. That's cool.

Now, do we have to keep bumping this thread for 4 years?
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indybrad  [Team Member]
1/23/2010 5:41:17 AM EDT
k12lts  [Team Member]
1/23/2010 7:41:46 AM EDT
That's good news. I went to the one in Louisville a couple of years ago and the vendor area was amazing, second only to the SHOT Show.
minuteman32  [Member]
1/23/2010 12:44:40 PM EDT
Well, I'm glad they finally listened to me!
Ruxpin  [Team Member]
1/23/2010 4:15:06 PM EDT
Cool, that cuts my commute in half. :)

ETA: The above would have made sense had I mentioned the last convention in Louisville, KY. Three hours to Indy instead of six to Louisville.
BlueNuts  [Member]
1/24/2010 9:05:05 AM EDT
Awesome! I will definitely attend!
chad504  [Member]
1/24/2010 3:49:20 PM EDT
Cool, gonna have to remember that.
rcoers  [Team Member]
1/24/2010 5:41:03 PM EDT
Very cool indeed. Indy is a great city to host events like this.
chadwick76  [Team Member]
1/24/2010 7:20:44 PM EDT
awesome, i have wanted to go to one for quite some time now.
TraderJack  [Member]
2/2/2010 7:20:58 PM EDT
Where do I get tickets?
I want them NOW!

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