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 T-Paw has his own "Rev. Wright" to deal with
norseman1  [Team Member]
8/5/2011 10:09:01 PM EDT
Daily Beast article on T-Paw and Leith Anderson

I used to attend Wooddale with my wife and family but we have since moved on for personal reasons. Those reasons do include the leftward tilt of Leith and his sermons. Religion and Politics makes for very strange bedfellows.

Leith actually stood in front of the congregation and said "The Christian thing to do is support our President...", to which there were several open mouths in the pews.

When your own pastor is appointed to Obama's chorus of Christian lackeys, you don't stand a chance with your base.
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mcnielsen  [Team Member]
8/8/2011 9:53:29 AM EDT
Angelshare1  [Member]
8/11/2011 8:36:50 AM EDT
Leith is retiring. I used to attend his church (Wooddale in Eden Prairie.) I moved on after they had an outreach program in 08 where they went into the poor neighboorhoods to spread Christ. Somehow spreading Christ translated to being a good citizen in your community and that included being active and voting. Hmmm, going into neighborhoods in south Minneapolis and registering voters. I guess poor blacks can vote either way.

For the record though I never heard any sermons on liberal causes. I remember once he slipped in global warming as a tiny mention but that's not much in the few years I listened to him.

Shame, I truly enjoyed his sermons. I'm someone who hates sitting through church and his were very interesting. He's a great historian of the mideast and always relates the historical aspect to the sermon. "Now back in those days, understand...."

I've heard he has some pretty liberal viewpionts on global warming and nuclear weapons. I was under the impression that he reserved these for special speaking engagements and his books as I never heard him talk about this except from Jason Lewis.

And I think I sat next to T-Paw once but I didn't know who he was since I don't watch tv.
GrandForks  [Member]
8/13/2011 7:16:12 AM EDT
It won't matter because Pawlenty will be out following the Ames Straw Poll or shortly thereafter.
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celticmarksman  [Member]
8/16/2011 9:52:41 AM EDT

Originally Posted By GrandForks:
It won't matter because Pawlenty will be out following the Ames Straw Poll or shortly thereafter.

You sir are the winner

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