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 Grace Period for LTC
bsaks  [Member]
8/23/2009 5:12:21 PM EDT

Is there a grace period from when you move to MA from out of state to when you can feasibly get all the paperwork done? I don't want to bring anything up and risk getting in trouble...
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_Matt_  [Member]
8/23/2009 6:13:09 PM EDT
LenS will be along shortly, but in the meantime, I will guess

as far as I know, there is something that says you can bring your guns in, directly to your residence, and then register. Remember, the AWB is still in affect, and no post ban regular capacity mags (+10). Lots of other stuff, if you are moving, make sure to ask all questions now, don't get surprised when you are instate with something illegal.

eta:noticed you are from jersey, you might actually be going to a less stringent state.

sbhaven  [Member]
8/24/2009 6:53:17 AM EDT
Wow going from one People's Republic to another. You will be left scratching your head just as you do in Jersey when it comes to firearms. Best bet is to review these links for starters. MA can be very anal about even the smallest thing remotely related to firearms. Even a spent shell casing rolling around in your car "could possibly" get you arrested in MA if you don't have the appropreate permit.

GOAL Overview of Massachusetts Firearm Laws

ETA: On the GOAL site they have this PDF for new residents which details the grace period for folks who move in.
"New Residents: The laws exempts move -in and possession in the home for new residents for
sixty (60) days. Until you receive the proper license do not transport any firearms and/ or
ammunition. GOAL recommends getting the required training and application in to the
police department within the first two weeks of residency as it may take forty-five (45)
days to process your application for licensure."

MA Firearms Registrations and Laws

MA Gun Laws

LenS  [Team Member]
8/24/2009 3:39:04 PM EDT
Matt, I'm not here very often as my biz computer locks out the Internet EVERY TIME I access ARfcom then I can't access any website until I reboot. Strange, but true for the past 8 months or so.

Answer as noted above . . .

- 60 days. Move them in, put them under lock and key and don't touch them until licensed.
- Need a MA State Police training cert to apply and it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to get your LTC, depending on fast your new town processes your application.
- NO PD that I'm aware of has gone after anyone who brought them in, locked them up (check MA gun laws on storage, they are very specific) . . . if the PD didn't get the LTC to them until after 60 days. It would be downright embarrassing for the PD to explain to a judge why THEY didn't do their job in a timely manner!
- NO registration of guns you move in with. If you bring them into MA AFTER you move in, every one of them needs to be registered.
- NO mags >10 rds (pistol/rifle) or >5 rds (shotgun) unless they were mfd pre-9/13/1994! Ditto, no so-called "assault weapons" if built in "evil configuration" AFTER 9/13/1994.

MUCH more info to be had in the MA Gun Laws sub-forum at
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bsaks  [Member]
8/25/2009 6:25:43 AM EDT
I had a non-resident LTC about a year ago, and I remember taking the class then. Would that class certificate still be good for my actual resident LTC?
LenS  [Team Member]
8/25/2009 3:55:21 PM EDT
It should be. By law it is, but each city/town makes its own rules and some won't accept certs greater than x months old, others require re-cert for each renewal, and some actually follow the law!
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