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 Red Jacket
hotdog250j  [Member]
1/3/2012 5:43:45 PM EDT

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LARman0311  [Team Member]
1/3/2012 6:29:46 PM EDT
Am i the only one who giggled at that..?

I always thought something was... off, with that show.
CAR-AR-M16  [Team Member]
1/3/2012 6:30:01 PM EDT

Here is what Will himself posted about this over at UziTalk. (see, post #71).

so I get back from a week in the Ozarks killing deer and this is what I get ? LOL , ok , no missing guns , never have , never will . Do have a FFL though , two actually , a 07 and a DD . Explosives lic. as well . The FFL's are in the company's name as the company is a partnership . I formed it about 2 years ago when we got the tv contract . Joe and Charlie had been with us for years , Vince a few months but he seemed strong and really wanted in . Sold each of them 10 % shares in the new LLC , retained 70% for me and Steph . We added the building next door , moved new tools into it , got the ffl for the new company in and transferred the guns over to it . Once done , mailed in my old ffl . thats it guys . Told the way it happened , I guess it just doesn't rate National Enquirer status though
LARman0311  [Team Member]
1/3/2012 6:40:06 PM EDT
I love how they flame other gun board sites but yet, I see lots of stupid in there
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Seansworth  [Team Member]
1/3/2012 6:59:07 PM EDT
There's a pretty hefty thread over in GD about it. Search 'red jacket FFL' and it'll pop up. There's a metric ton of stupid in that thread but from what I can gather they lost/misplaced 10 firearms and the ATF bent them over for it. Three people set up an LLC and got another license and subcontracts the work to will and his daughter. Will said he mailed in his old one. I haven't seen any actual proof that the ATF forced him to surrender it. I stopped paying attention to the GD thread after a while so there may be something in there about it.

It does appear the Vincent really did leave though to start up Mesa Kinetic Research.
Wingman26  [Moderator]
1/3/2012 7:09:26 PM EDT

You just now finding out about this?
hotdog250j  [Member]
1/4/2012 1:46:00 AM EDT
yes, i don't keep track of them.
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