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 Grip tape on pistols
Flamethrower  [Member]
6/15/2005 4:43:59 PM EDT
PX I had seen your grip tape on your pistol, so I will direct the Q's to you. I have my Glock which is well worn. I want to use grip tape to keep a good grip on it. Is there any method to the placement of the tape or is it where ever you like It? I want it to be comfortable and not wear away the pads on my hand. If anyone else knows, jump in.

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TheKill  [Team Member]
6/15/2005 8:12:04 PM EDT
Since the finish is getting so thin on the front strap of my pistol, I was thinking of putting grip tape there. Anyone have a ready source for it?
MisterPX  [Team Member]
6/15/2005 8:45:41 PM EDT
Get some of it from sporting store, or a skate shop, or a hardware store. When I had my glock, I had cut some thin strips the size of the flat surfaces around the grip, then applied to those surfaces.

It's not my old glock, but here's the Sig, same idea.

inferno715  [Team Member]
6/15/2005 11:47:23 PM EDT
I'd rather use an inner tube from a bike tire than grip tape. Grip tape is too rough IMO... after years of skateboarding I have no urge to put it anywhere near my weapons.
CaptSchofield  [Team Member]
6/16/2005 12:31:32 AM EDT
Tennis racket grip tape is smooth, seems sticky to the touch,but does not abrade your skin. It can be found at any sporting goods store. I have used it for years on competion guns.
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Drawcut  [Team Member]
6/16/2005 3:53:37 AM EDT
I've been using the bicycle innertube trick and it works well for me. Plus you can get punctured tubes for free from a local bike shop. (I use a MTB size - road bike tubes seemed too small.)

I haven't used skateboard grip tape but a lot of people like it. Always seemed too rough for my wussy mitts.

I think there are a couple of people on the net that sell pre cut skate tape if you want to spend a little more $. If they have pics, they might give you ideas for your own pattern.

ETA: Here's a place that sells it pre cut. Has some pics to get pattern ideas from for DIY.
glenn_r  [Team Member]
6/16/2005 5:32:36 AM EDT
Let me preface this by saying I've nevery actually used grip tape on my pistols. I have used bike inner tubes, "A-Grip", and the commercial slip-on rubber grips. That said, here are a couple thoughts, reviews, and a question.


My current pistols are all bone-stock, without grip enhancers. For my hands, with my Glocks, after I finally learned how to properly grip the gun, aids were no longer needed.

At the upcoming pistol class, let's hear Sully's take on this. IIRC, he doesn't have anything on his Glock grip? I don't know why and I've never asked him about this topic, so it'd be interesting to get another perspective.

On the other hand, my wife prefers rubber grips. She uses a bike inner tube on her Sig and rubber grips on her Kahr. I used to use them, and I only see one potential significant negative--it can be a crutch to enable the shooter to keep using a less-than-ideal grip, instead of fixing their grip. That's my history, so I feel qualified to speak about it


Bike inner tube: Free. Works as well as commercial slip-on grips. Can be used on models that already have finger grooves, like 3rd-gen Glocks. Wash off the powdery stuff before putting it on. Provides a nice "I'm either cheap or know exactly what I want" look to your gun.

A-Grip: Expensive (about $15-$20). Unless you trim, you cover & affect working parts of the pistol (mag catch), although that's within the manufacturer's design parameter. Attractive "soft" feel to it, which I used to like, but I now have misgivings regarding that concept. Can actually be re-positioned a few times like the manufacturer claims. Despite claim that it can be wire-brushed back into condition after being pressed flat, it doesn't work--at least not for more than a couple of months with a seatbelt pressed against it. Gives a nice "Elvis" velvet look to your pistol.

Bianchi slip-on: Works fine, adds more girth than either of the two above, more expensive than inner tube. In my experience, can twist somewhat on the grip--not as secure as the inner tube.

Bianchi rubber grip panels: Only experience is Sig P229. Changes size of grip, favorably so with my hand size. Thicker than factory grips, so could be problematic with smaller hands and DA pull, even with short trigger installed.


Who has used the skateboard tape extensively in a CCW environment?
* I'd expect it could abrade clothing quite a bit. Does it?
* Does it snag clothing like tacky rubber grips can?
* How abraded/abused is your hand after 1,000 rounds in two days?
MisterPX  [Team Member]
6/16/2005 9:51:12 AM EDT
The key to the grip tape, is a little goes a long way. On my Sig, I have never had abrasive hands, even after firing 1K rounds at one session, and although I don't CCW, it hasn't snagged on any of my clothing throughout any IPSC/IDPA matches. Basically, see where your hand contacts the grip, and apply there. IF you didn't look at the pistol, you'd never feel that it was there, but it's there doing it's job.
Flamethrower  [Member]
6/16/2005 1:21:48 PM EDT
It is hard to tell by the pics but the grip is well worn. My nephew has some issues keeping a propper grip on it. I do not want my wife to have the same problem come the July class.

PX you say a little goes a long way. I think I like that logic. So do you think the 5 yard roll of tape I got is to much?

Drawcut  [Team Member]
6/16/2005 4:48:13 PM EDT
Well Flamethrower, that grip looks pretty worn to me, even in the pics! I've never seen grip tape done like in MPX's pic, but I like the idea. Just a little on the corners goes a long way.

With my XD, I normally have no problem with grip on the bare frame - but if I have sweaty or slick hands, the innertube is a big help. Only problem is that my hand has a funky innertube smell after handling it.
rtech  [Member]
6/16/2005 7:13:43 PM EDT
I can understand the improper grip issue and using abrasive tape as a crutch.

I have used these on my Glocks and my USP's and I really liked it. Works very well if your hands are wet or sweaty (as can happen in AZ). Cons? Rubs your cover garment prematurely. I like rubber best, but a good textured surface works good too.

Decal Grips

I use Hogue grips on my P220 now and since the front strap is smoothe because it's an early model, I add some rubber traction tape to the front strap. That's just me. I prefer it if my hands get sweaty.
MisterPX  [Team Member]
6/16/2005 8:49:18 PM EDT
I had tried that decal grip stuff, Agrip?, for the glock, and wasn't really impressed. Way too much surface area covered.
Flamethrower  [Member]
6/17/2005 9:59:07 AM EDT
My nephew suggested the whole panel idea. I decided against it, because it looks like way to much tape and way to much skin loss.
My wife has to use this thing and her baby soft hands must not get all mangled up, her work depends on it.
glenn_r  [Team Member]
6/17/2005 6:15:00 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Flamethrower:
her baby soft hands must not get all mangled up, her work depends on it.

I'd try the A-grip, then. Less abrasive than even rubber. Has a soft, cushioned feel to it and allows more solid gripping. My bias would be to cut it away from the magazine release, though, because it makes it more difficult to release.

BulletcatchR  [Team Member]
6/18/2005 4:38:19 AM EDT
I've got the "agrip" on a Glock.I didn't use the whole kit,just the main handguard decal,and even that I trimmed it so it only covered the stippled area on my grip from 'about' below the mag release button down.

I use grip tape on alot of my tools(especially cordless drill).Hanging from a scaffold or ladder(the good ole days)was no place to be slipsliding,especially on those hot August days.My experience is more than handgun use,I used the stuff all day day in day out.I like it,just be careful to keep it away from areas on your hand that have weak skin,the web of your thumb for example,I've not had problems with wearing my palm or fingers out.

Keeping the stuff off the slide and upper grip,you'll be gripping over the stuff when drawing & holstering, how it rubs on your skin while holstered will be different for everyone.For a couple of bucks it was a worthwhile experiment for me.One unexpected plus was it kept my Hogue over grip from shifting when I was trying that out.

The grip material I purchased was finer,thinner than the tread tape I've seen and there are a few different skate grips I've tried,but I recommend the finer textured material.

Flamethrower  [Member]
6/18/2005 6:40:25 AM EDT

Originally Posted By BulletcatchR:
The grip material I purchased was finer,thinner than the tread tape I've seen and there are a few different skate grips I've tried,but I recommend the finer textured material.


BC, where did you get this from? Is there a name brnd for it?
BulletcatchR  [Team Member]
6/18/2005 8:55:03 AM EDT
I picked it up at Jim's Guns Shop in Baraboo.He's a Glockdoc and replaced my sights for me,I saw them in the case and impulse tried them.I believe they were for a G19,I figured they'd fit my G17 for what I wanted.They were 8 bucks or so. I don't remember the exact brand but the cuts look just like the agrips pictured above.

glenn_r  [Team Member]
6/18/2005 9:04:41 AM EDT
Just to clarify what I'm talking about when I say "A-grip", I mean the stuff specifically manufactured by Brooks Tactical, pictured here:

It's not rubber and not any type of skateboard tape. Not abrasive at all.

BulletcatchR  [Team Member]
6/18/2005 3:51:28 PM EDT

I meant the decal grip like rtech posted.

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