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 Can you request traffic cam footage? Accident related
usmcssgt  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 12:45:00 PM EDT
Had a lady run a red light, and I hit her drivers door with my Landcuiser FJ40.
She says she had the green. I had the green. No witness stopped. Insurance says disputed guilt with no witness/ no injuries means each insurance fixes their own drivers car.

There is a camera over the intersection, but I can't find it in the DOT or Issaquah camera maps.

This was at the I90 east exit to 900. I was first in line at the red light waiting. Turns green, I go for my left turn, towards the 5th lane across. Thats where the score became Landcruiser 1, Honda 0.
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Metonymy  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 12:51:31 PM EDT
I'd contact the city of Issaquah and see if they can provide it to your insurance company.

Most likely the city will want some type of a court subpoena if they do release such footage (and I'm not sure if they do). Are you involving a lawyer as of yet?
CavVet  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 1:08:21 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Metonymy:

Most likely the city will want some type of a court subpoena if they do release such footage (and I'm not sure if they do). Are you involving a lawyer as of yet?

Wild guess that is correct, and its bullshit.

We pay for those fucking nannycams the footage should be freedom of information. You KNOW they keep it on file.
bigscrun  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 1:26:35 PM EDT
Yes. You will need to use your rights to discovery to gather the video evidence.
Might want to call and find out how long that save or catalog the video for. Recording 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is A LOT of information to store.

If you have a lawyer, he should be able to pull all of this evidence during the discovery process.
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usmcssgt  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 1:51:10 PM EDT
no injuries, no lawyers.

turns out she had no valid insurance (had a card, but it was no good when I called)

I just fear she is going to "find" a witness. Would like to line up the ducks beforehand.

I can fix the landcruiser with a little rub out on the bumper.
BusySquirrel  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 2:02:03 PM EDT
I know alot of "public records" are only available for a limited time (sometimes 2 weeks or less).

Get a lawyer if you want them to take you seriously and handle your request before the information "disappears" from their records.
Matt45  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 2:15:26 PM EDT
Good Shoot.
MJL  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 3:49:11 PM EDT
Even if they wont release the video right away, usually they will have some policy that says they will maintain it for a longer period of time if someone requests it. The problem is that most city governments are so disorganized that no one will remember to actually hold onto it for you unless you make a really big deal out of it.
If it's a city camera you should be able to get the footage, but you'll probably have to do a bunch of pointless paperwork.

Also, it's pretty shocking how many groups have cameras turned on the public. It could belong to one of dozens of agencies. Since both 900 and I-90 are involved it could even be some kind of federal camera.
usmcssgt  [Team Member]
1/18/2011 8:46:55 PM EDT
It is not the I90/900 camera. That one is on the middle of the overpass.

It's not on the list of Issaquah cameras (and Issaquah has a big list).

I just realized it is pointed at the construction on the bridge. Maybe a time lapse of the construction?
John_H  [Team Member]
1/19/2011 3:58:11 AM EDT
If it's a WSDOT camera, they're not routinely recorded, so no footage would exist. Depending on where it's located, it may actually be a traffic sensor camera. Often times during construction when the pavement loops at intersections are damaged, they install cameras to determine with traffic is at the signals.

Issaquah just activated a whole bunch of new cameras, so you might check with them.

BusMaster007  [Team Member]
1/19/2011 5:22:04 AM EDT
Hope this works out in your favor, usmcssgt.

Should be interesting finding out how it goes.
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