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 San Diego Range: Escondido Fish & Game Association
Mauser101  [Team Member]
5/15/2005 3:56:26 PM EDT
Well, my father is retired now and I more recently got into shooting (yeah, look at my post count and laugh at "recently"). I've been shooting at Iron Sites in Oceanside for the past year but really am quite tired of shooting indoors. It's certainly convenient (maybe 10min drive from my apartment) but the likelyhood of ever getting involved with IDPA or shooting long range...well it just ain't gonna happen at an indoor range.

I found a small listing of San Diego County Ranges at Today I went to visit both the Pala Range and the Escondido Fish & Game Association Range. No shooting, just stopping on by to see what the places were like.

The short review: Pala
Well, it was way out of the way, literally on the reservation, and generally kindof weird to find as I was in a residential neighborhood, next door to a Catholic School when I turned onto the dirt road. Approx a mile down the dirt road (Mmmm, offroading in my Miata is sweet ) I saw a pretty damn large range. They seemed to have plenty of targets up on the hill for big bore stuff. Both rifing lines seemd to be covered. That said, there was NOBODY there and the place had a bedragled look to it. No sign saying it was shut down, just empty today. I'd love to shoot 50s out there. Or more specifically that Beretta Sako TRG 42 in 338 Lapua Mag I've been dreaming about at night, but will never afford.

Escondido Fish & Game Assoc:
Man did I ever strike out today. The range is fairly easy to find. Take Lake Wohlford road from Escondido up into the mountains, pass up the lake and before the road makes it's bend to the north to join S6 way up in Valley center, you make a right and it's pretty much right there. I pulled into the range parking lot and noticed a LOT of cars in there. I was rather shocked. I'd never heard of this place and it was packed to the GILLS today. I went up to a redshirt sitting over at the pistol range clutching a bunch of raffle tickets. Seems they did all their shooting in the morning today as today was the Annual BBQ...and I'd missed all the foood.

Talked with the range officer there, shutting up while they called off ticket numbers (a tiny little kid won a 10/22....[napoleon dynamite] luuuucky. [/napolean dynamite] It seems as though EF&GA is a private range. Non-members can shoot there so long as they are accompanied by a member. I guess they've got some sort of member lottery and they're reshuffling soon. I don't completely follow.

$60 first year membership, $100 years after that. Must be a member of the NRA to join and have taken some sort of training. I need to take the hunter safety course anyway, wonder if nonmembers can take the course there?

All in all it seemed like a friendly place, but they didn't have anybody on duty in the office and everybody was intent on the raffle so I just bothered the RO for a few min and took an app from him.

Read the range rules and some other notices they had around the place. Saw of lot of Trap & Skeet notices about but I saw nothing like the dreaded rule "no rapid fire".

Pistol Range was covered. Rifle range was uncovered. Rifle range looked like 50-75 yards on the level ground, maybe 150 yards on the hillside. I'll admit though that I've never been good at judging ranges.

RO did mention that they had differant range events at times. Specifically mentioned Cowboy Action or whatever it's called. Did not mention IDPA.

I'll have to call them while I'm at work this week and see if I can find some other info.

Anybody in the area familiar with Escondido Fish & Game Assoc and have input? For that matter if you have any info on any San Diego ranges feel free to chime in.
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Paul  [Team Member]
5/15/2005 6:41:51 PM EDT
When I lived in Sand Dog I use to go shooting at the police pistol range ... it was fun shooting along side the officers ... and outshooting them!
Spitfire75  [Team Member]
5/15/2005 9:10:40 PM EDT
Cool, thanks for the (literal) range report! I'm tired of shooting indoors as well and am looking for some good outdoor ranges. It's good to know about outdoor ranges in San Diego because I have friends down in the Del Mar area and they have recently gotten into shooting. I'll have to check those places out.
tatsuosan1964  [Member]
5/15/2005 9:12:46 PM EDT
Small world. For the most part, I grew up in Oceanside and learned to shoot at the Escondido Fish & Game Assoc. with my dad when I was 10. I was a member until 1997 when I moved to Temecula. I still shoot at Ironsights about once every month or two with some of the guys from work (work in Vista). I really don't care for indoor ranges much myself. If it is a busy night and there are a lot of shooters, after a couple hours of shooting, I go home with a weird taste in my throat. I hope it's not lead but more than likely powder residue from the smoke. Ventilation does not seem to be the best in indoor ranges.

I do most of my shooting now at an outdoor range near the Temecula Border Patrol checkpoint off of I-15. I think that this would be an easier drive for you than Lake Wohlford. Take I-15 North and just before the checkpoint, exit at Rainbow Valley Rd. Turn right. Go straight at the stop sign. This takes you to a "T" intersection. Turn left. Entrance for the range comes up real quick on the right hand side so watch for it.

Many different ranges available here. .22 only metal targets(this is a little run down and needs new targets), 25 yard small bore only, rifle range at 50-75&100 yards, pistol falling plates-lead ammo only, pistol at 15-25&50 yards, trap field with clay pigeon thrower, 150 yard rifle, 3 metal targets for lead rounds only probably 7-10 yards for up close and personal tactical handgun or shotgun only, plus an open area to do anything you can dream up as long as it is safe to do so.

Membership is $125 the first year, $100 after that. I checked for a co-worker about 2 weeks ago and they still had opening for this year. You can call at 760-723-8743. Called the Rainbow Range and was founded by Louis Duncan of Duncan's Gunworks in San Marcos.

They do have the typical "No rapid fire" signs but I have found them to be fairly liberal in that I fire quite a few double taps and failure to stop drills and have yet had anyone say anything to me. They also don't object to the shooting of AR's as I do so once or twice a month.
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Linea_de_Fuego  [Member]
5/16/2005 6:13:25 AM EDT
Looking for a place to shoot?

There is Pala, which is a closed range... you were maybe there when the cowboys had the gate open.

Check this club and shooting schedule. We use Pala and Lemon Grove (membership Range in Alpine).
Mauser101  [Team Member]
5/16/2005 9:54:03 AM EDT
I should've known better than to take my Miata offroading on the road to the Pala Range. Went to get in my car to go to work this morning and was greeted by a flat tire.

I'm probably going to try to get a look see at the Orosco Ridge Shooting Area this coming weekend. The fact that it's in Ramona kindof shocks me. All of Ramona is hands off on my Sheriff's map. Perhaps it's just outside the city.

Ofcourse as my parents just moved up to Ramona 2 years ago and I spend a lot of time on their ranch during the weekends it makes the location pretty convenient.
evilyoda  [Team Member]
5/16/2005 10:00:49 PM EDT
Orosco Ridge.

Google it.
PaDanby  [Member]
5/17/2005 12:52:34 PM EDT
Pala if I recall correctly is on the reservation. Has (or used) to have a very active cowboy club shooting twice a month.
jnojr  [Member]
5/17/2005 4:38:24 PM EDT

Originally Posted By tatsuosan1964:

I do most of my shooting now at an outdoor range near the Temecula Border Patrol checkpoint off of I-15. I think that this would be an easier drive for you than Lake Wohlford. Take I-15 North and just before the checkpoint, exit at Rainbox Valley Rd. Turn right. Go straight at the stop sign. This takes you to a "T" intersection. Turn left. Entrance for the range comes up real quick on the right hand side so watch for it.

That sounds like the Rainbow range.
KA3B  [Member]
5/18/2005 2:46:38 PM EDT
Why mess around, head on over to the best range in San Diego.

South Bay Rod & Gun Club, 1020 Marron Valley Rd., Dulzura, CA 91917

More San Diego shooting info:
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