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 For Sale: German K98 marked "preduzece 44" with scout style b-square mount and 2x scope...
cms81586  [Member]
7/23/2004 6:50:38 PM
F/S -- Mauser 98K marked "preduzece 44". Has matching s/n on action and stock. Low s/n ... in the mid six thousands. Excellent shiny bore. 8mm. Still have rear sight as well as:

Tasco 2X pistol/scout scope, Rings, and a B-Suare base. Still have the box for the scope. To mount the base all you do is remove the rear sight and slide the mount in. It is held in place by 4 allen head screws. Does not require damage to the stock or bending the bolt. Only used for one hunting season. I paid $ 90 for the scope and $60 for the mount.

I also have the issue cleaning kit and a leather mag pouch.

Asking $290 $275 + s/h for everything. Must sell to help pay fo tuition. Very nice looking gun for the price and considering 60 years old.

Please Email me at: with any questions.

Thanks for looking.


Thanks for posting the pics for me.
ar15-4me  [Member]
7/25/2004 9:20:28 PM

ar15-4me  [Member]
7/25/2004 9:24:20 PM
there you go. pictures turned out a little big but I couldnt crop them down much.
cms81586  [Member]
7/25/2004 11:49:39 PM
AR15-4me...thanks for hosting the pics. There is slight discoloration in the pics but its from the camera.
WWoodworth  [Team Member]
7/26/2004 3:33:23 AM
I have a question. Is this a German K98 or a Yugoslav Mauser M48? I ask because of the marking you describe (pr.....44). Thanks!

cms81586  [Member]
7/26/2004 6:06:01 PM
This is actually a Mauser 98. According to a NRA book I bought, they were built in Germany during WWII. Towards the end of the war some were acquried by Yugoslavia. Some of the german markings were ground of and some new stamps were added...including the "preduzece 44" (enterprise 1944). Its WWII era German built, as opposed to the M48's being made post WWII in Yugoslavia. Thanks for looking and I hope this helps.
inferno715  [Team Member]
7/26/2004 6:35:29 PM

Originally Posted By WWoodworth:
I have a question. Is this a German K98 or a Yugoslav Mauser M48? I ask because of the marking you describe (pr.....44). Thanks!


it's a yugo refurb of a german (nazi) k98. you can tell by the upper handguard. the yugo m48 handguard extends to surround the rear site (where the scope is mounted). nice stock btw.
cms81586  [Member]
7/27/2004 4:35:12 PM
Reduced to $275 $265+ s/h...need to sell. Thanks.
cms81586  [Member]
7/30/2004 5:09:19 PM
cms81586  [Member]
8/3/2004 8:56:41 PM