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 WTS: Tons of MOLLE pouches, USED and NEW, Woodland, Coyote, Tan
ZEROTHOMAS  [Team Member]
1/23/2012 9:13:58 PM EDT
I have a bunch of used and new molle pouches/gear im looking to get rid of. Parathesis indicate how many i have left. If it doesnt have the, then i

only have 1.

Post "I will take it" and include what # and how many. I prefer PayPal Gift, but a MO is ok too. Time stamp wins of course

Shipping will be $5-$10 depending on how many pieces.


Romanian Leather AK Sling
15 Round FNP-45 magazines
RPK Sling
Badger Tactical Latch
New VTAC Padded Sling in black

I will try my best to update frequently, but i also work so be patient.



1: (2) Allied Industries, Used Excellent Condition, 6 5.56 30 Round Magazine Bandolier, Coyote - $20 (1 of them has a name written on a flap)
2: Unknown Origin, Used/Worn, Utility Pouch, Woodland Camo - $5 SOLD
3: Specialy Defense USGI, Used Good condition, SINGLE Magazine Pouch for 5.56 30 rounders, Woodland Camo - $10 SOLD
4: (2 LEFT) Specialy Defense USGI, Used VG condition, DOUBLE Magazine Pouch for 5.56 30 rounders, Woodland Camo - $15 each 1 SOLD 2 LEFT
5: (1 only even though picture shows 2) Eagle USGI, Used VG condition, 1QT Canteen/Bottle pouch, Coyote - $25
6: Specter Gear issued, Used Excellent Condition, Ground Illumination Flare pouch/anything that can fit, Coyote, - $15 each SOLD
7: Eagle USGI, Used VG Condition, Gas Mask Carrier, Coyote - $30
8: Unkown USGI, Good condition, Utility pouch, OD Green - $5
9: Eagle USGI, Excellent Condition, Medical Pouch, Coyote - $25 SOLD
10: Unknown USGI Origin, Good Condition, ACOG Pouch with extra padding, Coyote - $15 each ALL SOLD


15: Tactical Tailor, M4 Stock Mag Pouch, Coyote - $25
16: Tactical Tailor, M16 A2/Fixed Stock Mag Pouch, Coyote - $25
17: Scope Coat, Scope cover for ACOG, Black - $10
18: (2) Specter Gear USGI, SAW/Utility Pouch and can also hold 6 M16 mags, Coyote - $30 each
19: (5) Spec Ops Brand, 6 M16 magazine/Utility Pouch, TAN - $25 each
20: (4) Spec Ops Brand, 3 Cell 40mm Grenade Pouch, TAN - $30 each

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comradewombat  [Member]
1/24/2012 5:57:40 AM EDT
Message sent RE: Eagle Medical Pouch
ZEROTHOMAS  [Team Member]
1/27/2012 11:58:53 AM EDT
ZEROTHOMAS  [Team Member]
1/30/2012 2:46:53 PM EDT
btt. If you have an reasonable offers on any of these, let a brother know
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ZEROTHOMAS  [Team Member]
2/2/2012 2:55:16 PM EDT
ZEROTHOMAS  [Team Member]
2/6/2012 7:48:55 PM EDT
ZEROTHOMAS  [Team Member]
2/12/2012 7:24:46 PM EDT
ZEROTHOMAS  [Team Member]
2/16/2012 8:28:46 PM EDT
billpete  [Team Member]
2/17/2012 2:44:36 PM EDT
I'll take this, PM sent

10: (2 even though picture shows 1) Unknown USGI Origin, Good Condition, ACOG Pouch with extra padding, Coyote - $15 each
hattriq27  [Member]
2/23/2012 6:27:40 PM EDT
received pouch today, very happy
ZEROTHOMAS  [Team Member]
3/18/2012 4:46:21 PM EDT
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