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 **SOLD** Colt Combat Target Model 1911 .45 ACP **SOLD**
majorbatbwano  [Member]
1/9/2012 4:08:17 PM EDT
This is a Colt Combat Target Model Series 80, .45 ACP single-action pistol. The Serial number is: CT004XXX. These were only made in 1997, and has a relatively low serial number. It comes with the original box, original rubberized wrap around Colt grips, and one 8-round Colt magazine. The owner’s manual is MIA (sorry).

Selling to fund another project. No trades please. $700 OBO

I'm a new seller on AR15 but have been a longtime reader. I'll check the messages each night. If references needed I can supply another member on this site. Thanks.

These guns were manufactured in 1997 only. The gun has a matte finish and features modifications for combat target shooting such as a skeletonized trigger, cutout round spur hammer, adjustable sights and rubber combat-style one-piece grips with the Colt medallion. The gun has a 5" barrel with an excellent bore. This model was made very similar to a Gold Cup in that it features the same kidney style trigger that is extra wide.

The finish is very slightly worn on the ejection port and the frame has a few handling marks from use (see photos). You can see the end of the barrel is not worn due to a lot of rounds being sent down range. The rear sight white “ghost ring” has worn away on one side. This is the worst damage I could find on this gun. Overall, this Colt is a solid 96% in my book (see photos).

I know a little about this guns history in that it was purchased by a recruit officer that never made it past his probationary period. It has not been fired more than an estimated 750 rounds. So it sat in our armory for many years being ignored until we recently were given the option to buy the surplus firearms from the PD. I was going to make this a duty gun, but had second thoughts and stayed with the “tactical Tupperware”.

Overall this gun is in excellent condition mechanically and very good in appearance. I aired it out at the range several weeks ago and was amazed at the accuracy I had at 25 yards. We also were hitting steel targets at 70 yards with no problem. It’s a shooter for sure, just not the best choice for me in a duty gun.

The Buyer will need to provide a FFL address, and a payment in the form of a US Postal check or Money Order. Shipping and insurance is the buyers resposibility; or if you live in Colorado we could meet in Longmont area and avoid all the shipping and insurance formalities.

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prideboss  [Team Member]
1/10/2012 10:52:56 PM EDT
I'll take it. Contact John directly at : MP& for transaction details. Thanks, John
majorbatbwano  [Member]
1/11/2012 4:19:07 PM EDT
Hello John,

My apologies for the delay, work has been short handed so "tag I was it to stay" today. Secondly, thanks for the interest in the gun, I know you will be happy with it. I had a great day testing it out and was impressed with the accuracy. (Also, I cleaned it well, and put it through the ultra sonic cleaner at work so it's ready to go).

Heading out to a hockey game right now but wanted to contact you as soon as I could. Please email with a copy of the FFL. A Postal Money order, or bank money order would be the best, and I would have to wait for it to clear. I am new to selling on, but have been a member since 2004. I'm also Police officer in Longmont, Colorado.

Shipping to Illinois would be $46 dollars for 2nd Day Air AM with UPS.

If you email me back tonight, please include your phone number and I'll try to call you tomorrow. I work Watch I so it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks again, Bob

Robert xxxxxx
xxx xxxx xxxxx
xxxxxx, CO 80537

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1/11/2012 4:58:09 PM EDT
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