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 Kel Tec PLR 22 with ALL the Accessories SUPER CHEAP!!!
buffetdestroyer  [Member]
6/23/2010 3:19:39 PM EDT

I have a PLR 22 that I have sent in for the "Fluff & Buff" with Kel-Tec where they polish the feed ramps and smooth out the chamber to enhance reliability. It now runs all kinds of ammo including the elusive Remington Golden Bullets and Remington Subsonic. It loves the cheap Wally World Bulk Packs of Federal. Reliability has gone to near 100% with all ammo and has no issues with the Federal stuff. This is more reliable than most .22 AR Pistols and I would put the accuracy up against the best!

This pistol shoots cheap .22 like a dream and has a threaded 1/2x28 threads to accommodate suppressors or muzzle accessories. It uses Black Dog Magazines in the Ciener configuration and can even use the 50 round drum!

Asking $315 305 + Shipping to your FFL (JUST THE ACCESSORIES ARE OVER $100!)

Additional Features::

A3 Flash Hider
Original Kel Tec Thread Protector
Kel Tec Handguards
Kel Tec Sling
Thread spacer to shorten threads for suppressors/flash hiders
Black Dog Kel Tec Magazine
Extra CMMG magazine (drops free)
Magpul XTM Rail Covers
Kel Tec Lock & Box
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buffetdestroyer  [Member]
6/28/2010 2:20:56 PM EDT
Bring me an offer!
buffetdestroyer  [Member]
7/1/2010 3:09:52 PM EDT
BTT with lower price! $315 plus shipping!

This thing is barely used, but fully broken in from the factory fluff & buff service. It shoots great but I am funding some tax stamps!
buffetdestroyer  [Member]
7/6/2010 2:38:32 PM EDT
Lowered Price! Somebody is gonna get a great shooting 22 Pistol!

$305 plus shipping!
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