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 WTS: Stainless Ruger GP100 with Nikon scope *PICS*
BlackLabKatie  [Member]
4/6/2008 5:31:31 PM EDT
Going to try to sell my father's .357 for him. He doesn't do the internet thing and wants to make some money for some hunting gear, so I told him I could sell it for him. It just sits in his safe, so he's willing to let it go.

It's a stainless GP100, catalog #KGP-161. It's the stainless model with a 6" barrel. It comes with a Nikon Monarch UCC 2x20 Extended Eye Relief in Silver/Stainless color to match the revolver. It is in phenominal condition with no scratches or marks, and I know he has not shot more than 100 rounds through it...probably closer to 50.

I don't have pictures as I'm posting this from my house, but If you are seriously interested and want them sent to you, let me know and I can email some to you after I go to his house and take them. Really does look new.
Also comes with a speed loader...(I think it's what it is anyway!)

Revolver link:

Scope link:

$570 shipped.
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BlackLabKatie  [Member]
4/10/2008 6:53:43 PM EDT
Got pics, just trying to find the usb cable...will edit them into the post when found.
By the way...feel free to make an offer, price is not set in stone!
Comes with everything shown.

BlackLabKatie  [Member]
4/14/2008 4:36:34 PM EDT
btt...$540 shipped
BlackLabKatie  [Member]
4/17/2008 7:48:19 PM EDT
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BlackLabKatie  [Member]
4/21/2008 1:09:23 PM EDT
$380 shipped for the revolver, mount, original factory plastic box, papers, & Ruger handgun case.

$160 shipped for Nikon scope and rings.

Only catch...Revolver must sell before scope...i want the person buying the revolver to have first crack at the scope.
BlackLabKatie  [Member]
4/24/2008 7:38:29 PM EDT
For those interested...
I've got some developing news...
I finally found the rear sight, and went to take the scope mount off to put the rear sight on, when I noticed the dealer who my father purchased the gun from also drilled and tapped two holes for the scope mount on top of the revolver for him...

I am not familiar with GP100's, so I thought it was factory holes until I asked my father and he said they did the work for him when he bought the gun...sorry I did not know about this sooner.

I am now trying to figure out what to do...The scope mount also left some scrapes on the top of the revolver...nothing that affects the gun, but when you pick up the gun and look straight down, you can tell.
I may see if they can be buffed out, or if someone is going to buy it to put another scope mount on it, you would never see the marks.
I can email pics for those that would like to see what I am talking about. We probably will drop the price on it as well now because of the drilled and tapped holes and scratches.

The rear sight is back on it now, so it just has open sights, but the top of the revolver has two scope mount holes and some scrapes, I may try to get the holes filled...Feel free to ask questions!
XD2311  [Team Member]
4/28/2008 5:07:09 PM EDT
Can we get a pic post of the mount holes and the scratches?

Is the price still as stated?

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