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 Ruger Super Blackhawk in 44 mag, 2 screw FS Phoenix, AZ
richardh247  [Team Member]
3/4/2006 2:53:49 PM EDT
For sale is a Ruger Super Blackhawk 2-screw 44 magnum, blued, 7 ½” BBL, SAO.

I bought this from a member here for the same exact price I am selling it for, and I really have no idea what the round count is. Since I have had it I shot 200 out of her, all 240 Gr. WWB.

Zero rust, but the bluing is rubbed on the end of the muzzle, the ejection rod guide, and the cylinder contact areas (typical wear for a gun this age from shooting and holstering). I would personally rate this gun looks-wise as a 7 on a 10 scale, which I think makes it “good.”

It has the original grips (with Ruger inserts on both sides) and fully-adjustable rear target sight, with the standard graduated front sight.

This gun shoots perfect and has never binded or had any problems at all. Tap and ring it for a scope (which it is not at this time), and you’d have a GREAT hunting piece. It’s a great target shooter, too, but the original grips and trigger guard make it difficult to shoot full powered loads two-handed… But if my scrawny ass likes shooting it with my girly hands, you will too.

FTF in Phoenix. $275. Pictures provided on request, but my digital camera sucks at close ups (or I do!), so I can’t promise you I can show too much detail. I’ll do the best I can, though. Will ship, but you pay shipping and insurance.

I have indoor rounds for her (plastic projectiles that use only the primer to push them out of the barrel) to test fire here in the house; or I’ll let you take her out to shoot one time for 18 rounds to verify it’s on the up and up because I never sold anything here. I know dealing with someone who has yet to sell anything is kind of worrisome, but many people here know me, and where I live, and will tell you I haven’t a dishonest bone in my body.

My checking account was hacked, and I need to get the bills paid.

Thanks for looking!

ETA: The 18-round test fire is for FTF deals only with members I know in the area. If I ship the weapon, you have a 3-day NON-FIRING inspection period. If you do not think you bought the gun you... Er, bought (LOL), then we split the shipping: you pay it to you, and I'll pay it back, including insurance, so neither of us is out anything sans equal shipping, insurance, and FFL fees.

NOTE: I will NOT ship without FFL verified information, insurance, and certified funds. Don't even bother making me an offer if you don't agree to insurance, FFL, tracking numbers, and certified funds.

I will accept checks, but will not ship until after the check has cleared.

ETA 2: Damn, copy and paste isn't always a good thing. I HAVE sold on this board before, but I originally posted this on AZshooting, where I had not. I have a +2 here on Arfcom.
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