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 WTS Sig 550, 551, 552, 556 parts (bolt, carrier, grip, sights, stocks, barrel, piston, etc) - SOLD
4nscguy  [Member]
3/13/2011 12:22:11 PM EDT
WTS the following parts for Sig 55x rifles/pistols:

USPS MO or Bank Check

Please email or IM if interested

1. Sig 55x Swiss Rear folding Stock in Black

$200 plus trade for Sig USA folding/adjustable 556 Classic stock Sold TO afmlyman

2. Sig Sauer 55x (550, 551, 553, 556) Bolt and extractor. New, take off part. 922 compliant:

$95 shipped USA

3. Sig Sauer SWISS SAn Commando hand guard with rails (x2):

$40 shipped USA SOLD

4. Sig Swiss rear diopter sight complete drum kit, tritium nights sights

$275 shipped USA Sold TO JAR-SPR

5. Sig Swiss front tritium hooded sight (windage not included)

$100 shipped USA Sold TO JAR-SPR

6. Sig Sauer 552 bolt, piston kit, charging handle, recoil assembly. Excellent condition. Very rare.

$205 shipped Sold

7. Sig Sauer 550 style 556 patrol Swat flash hider. New, take off part.

$15 shipped. Sold

8. Sig Sauer 552 barrel, 550/551 flash hider, hand guard ring, gas block, trunion. Very rare.

$215 shipped. Sold

9. Sig 550, 551, 552, 553, 556 rear sight base

$55 shipped Sold to g3roy

10. Sig Sauer 55x firing pin and spring, New.

$15 shipped Sold

11. Swiss SAN factory Sig Sauer 55x Euro grip w/ bottom clear plate

$30 shipped Sold to JAR-SPR

12. Factory new, take-off 55x Sig Sauer complete bolt carrier, 922 compliant - fits Sig 556

$135 shipped Sold
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JAR-SPR  [Member]
3/13/2011 12:50:01 PM EDT
IM inbound on the rear diopter and front sight.

Add the grip and clear plate, too.
4nscguy  [Member]
3/16/2011 3:49:42 PM EDT
BTT - prices lowered for quick sale
g3roy  [Member]
3/17/2011 1:24:23 PM EDT
I'll take the rear sight base. PM sent.
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