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 Armalite DCM Upper - SPF
bailey89  [Member]
2/7/2007 10:59:17 PM
I have a new, never shot, complete Armalite DCM match upper.
It has the free-floating stainless steel barrel, 1:8 twist, National
match front and rear sights, A2 model, with Armalite bolt carrier
and charging handle. Ready to drop onto your lower and compete
in Service Matches. Green hand guard, no bayo lug or FH. $500
delivered, no FFL required. Decided I didn't have the steadiness or
patience to compete with the big boys. Looking for a good home,
has all shots.


Pics available upon request.
bailey89  [Member]
2/11/2007 12:59:13 PM
Still looking for a good home. BTT

bailey89  [Member]
2/14/2007 2:15:43 PM
bailey89  [Member]
2/17/2007 4:51:52 PM
jtbrown  [Member]
2/20/2007 4:30:06 PM
Could I trouble you to forward pictures? I am looking but not sure about buying at the moment. Thanks very much.
hogan  [Member]
2/24/2007 2:24:10 AM
Still available?

Very Interested.