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 RARE Daisy Replica Model 12; VINTAGE
LPD111  [Member]
11/10/2010 2:11:02 PM EDT
I am selling a vintage, rare, and hard to find Daisy Model 12

KG-9, aka the Tec 9

This is a desireable Daisy Soft Air Model 12, 6mm Replica Tec 9 ( KG-9) Machine Gun.

The gun is very reasistic (full size) and has a steel tubular reciever with metal bolt assy and steel knurled bolt handle.

There are many metal and platic parts and the physical operation is also realistic.

These were removed from the marketplace due to the efforts of various non-violent groups and their concerns for the safety of children.

Not often seen or available, these softair toys are highly desireable from the collectors point of view.

This is a .25 Cal, that shoots 6MM plastic

This is one of the first Air Soft replica guns made by Daisy. This is a model 12 modeled after the Tec-9/KG-9.

Made in Japan it is a 25 caliber (6mm) plastic shot round. Comes with magazine and several bullets that you load the balls into.

This is VERY rare as it came out in the 80's prior to any of the other guns being manufactured. The gun is in very good condition.

One very interesting line of Daisy " BB" guns was their very short-lived "Softair" series, produced briefly in 1986-1987. Daisy apparently noticed that in Japan, there were several companies producing very realistic replicas of real guns (the Japanese are rarely permitted to own real guns, and these lifesize replicas which shoot BBs are a way of satisfying public demand to handle "guns"). The generic name for these guns is Airsoft, so Daisy decided to call their line of Japanese imports Softair! All the guns were single shot, and shot a low-power white plastic 6mm (1/4 inch) plastic ball "BB". The machine guns all have real 20-30 shot magazines, and plastic brass-colored bullets which accept a "BB" pushed into the tip. A spring-powered "firing pin" pushes the "BB" out of the barrel. All of the Softair guns have become difficult to locate.

It comes with a magazine and sling

It was only made for TWO YEARS, and it is in great condition

$125 shipped, lower 48

PayPal preferred

Price is OBO
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