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 FT Savage Model 10BA .308
03blksrt  [Member]
7/8/2012 6:08:01 AM EDT
As much as my gut tells me to keep this gun, I have a few new gun projects that I would love to take on, so I am putting this out there for sale or trade. I have a cash offer on this gun already, but it isn't quite what I was looking for, and my ideal situation would probably be trade+cash. Please don't give me inflated trade values, or trades that are not on my list at the end of the post. This will save my time and yours. Thanks for looking! On to the gun....

Nicely painted Savage Model 10 BA in .308
-Fully bedded stock
-Free floated, 24" fluted heavy barrel 1-10 twist
-Target style grip
-Full picatinny rail system
-10 round detachable box magazine

Add ons:
-Timney adjustable trigger, currently set around a pound.
-Magpul PRS was replaced with a CAA ARS multi position sniper stock, which runs $359 by itself!
-Versa-Pod bipod with adjustable-height legs.

I have total confidence that this rifle will run with almost anything you can put it up against. There are threads from snipershide documenting less than 1/2 MOA after working up handloads. I am not claiming to be this accurate, but the gun is!

The gun sells on buds for $1721 cash price.
Timney trigger > $100
CAA Stock > $359
Timney 6 hole tactical rings for 30mm tube > $40
Versa-Pod Bipod with adjustable legs > $80+

Would cost over $2,200 to get this gun in your hands and modified the way it currently is. With roughly 300 rounds through this Savage, and being broken in 100% by the book, this rifle is basically like new.

Please PM me with any questions or trade or cash offers you have and I will respond promptly.

AR-15 uppers...not terribly picky, just let me know what you have and I will certainly consider it.
Semi Auto .308 (AR-10, FN AR, M1A, SOCOM II, etc.)
May trade up towards something like a SCAR17 or .50.
I will listen to other trade offers if they meet the following guidelines:
No revolvers, no pistols valued at more than $500, no hunting rifles(i know you can hunt with anything, but you know what I mean...i hope), no shotguns.

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