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 WTS swedish 9mm battle pack kptr m/39 SPF
dayphotog  [Team Member]
5/3/2007 8:31:46 PM EDT
this is an OD 432rd battle pack that has 9mm kptr m/39 training ammo
it won't cycle in semi autos

got this info off the web (with translator so it is a little funky)

9mm KPtr m/39: Cartridge of shot reduced specific for training in gallery with the Swedish sub-machine gun M45 or M45/B. The weapon must be equipped with special tube for shot of blank although without the auxiliary device for blank. Black plastic bullet with a steel ball of 5.2mm shrunk in its interior. When going off, the plastic bullet separates of the steel ball that has a battle range of about 30 meters. Clear blue band in the bullet meetings and piston.

and what they look like

good conversation piece, shtf ammon, ect

some say not safe to shoot as the steel ball bounces down the barrel, others say safe to shoot but just have to manually cycle action

where else are you going to get 432rds for $25 + shipping

this is a sealed battle pack

It is sold pending funds
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5/3/2007 9:17:22 PM EDT
Im sent.

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